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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Teaming it Up!

We received a very large package today…it was filled with yummy chocolate, magazines, and towels! So, we have the little apartment and a shower inside, but we’ve been using these little white scratchy VA towels to dry off with. Cale is not a fan at all, and I’d have to say that I’m not either! They’re not pleasant at all. Now we each have soft towels! It was such a sweet package to receive. :)

Early this afternoon, I did some flash cards with Cale. He did so great! We did some that were money and then some fractions. When I tried the division, that was a little more challenging, but we can work on that. The flashcards are at a very young level, I think the box says for ages 4 and up, but are so good for Cale and challenge his mind in so many ways. It’s been really great for him! I’m just amazed at all that’s been happening with him and the progress he’s been making. So exciting!!

Cale only had one therapy again today. It's hard not to get frustrated that more isn't happening, but at this time, this is what's working for Cale. It's actually been going okay and I've been doing a lot with him. PT is going to try to at least work with him for 30 minutes a day to get some cardio in because Cale's muscles are starting to weaken because they're not getting used like they need to be. Today we both jumped on the treadmill! This was so much fun! Cale looked at mine and then told Virginia that he wanted to go faster. She sped him up a little and then he said, "faster!" again. It was so neat to see how different he did with me right next to him. It was the best. I really enjoyed it and needed it!

I talked with my brother who is in North Carolina this afternoon. He told me a conversation that my sister-in law had with my 5 year old niece, Cierra, that I thought was so cute!

Crystal: It's a lazy take a nap kind of day.
Cierra: Yeah, I'm ready for a happy day.
Crystal: What's a happy day?
Cierra: When Uncle Cale and Aunt Kathleen come to visit!

Mike and Rachel are here visiting! They arrived in time for dinner and already we've played Bingo, laughed, and told stories! We are planning some fun stuff tomorrow to get Cale out of the hospital some more and then on Thursday they're off. Rachel has been a part of this journey and has been able to see Cale at different stages, but her husband Mike hasn't seen him since before the accident. It's so great to have them! I always love visitors! :)


  1. Give mike and rachel a hug from us!! We miss them!! Tell them the girls also send their love and hugs!

    So glad they get to come visit!! Go Cale on the treadmill races!

    Casey Q

  2. Kathleen, Have you ever read The Chronicles of Narnia? Your towels remind when the three were searching for Prince Rilian. They were in the land of the giants, and rolled in the giants, big (no pun intended) soft towels. They liked them, too. Have fun with your friends. I love you, Marion Me, I dread the treadmill. :)

  3. Kathleen, sometimes Trace (who is 11) reads your blog with me - He did today and he said," OH my gosh mom, Caleb has to go back and do all that school ~ AGAIN?!!!!!! I would Hate that ! He will be praying harder for Caleb ! :) Guess sometimes we don't realize everything that it entails for Caleb's healing .....Prayed for you both this morning ! Love to you and Caleb! Glad you have soft towels and chocolate to make your days even better !!!! LOve ya ! Blessings Reenie ((()))

  4. Oh, gee, are you guys coming back to NC? I would love to get a chance to meet you if you do.

  5. Ha ha so glad that you loved the towels and the package. It was fun teaming up with Tigger to get it for you. Anything is better than scritchy towels isn't it...SO happy things are better for you my darlings. We love you so much....


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