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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Psalm 119:103

I was reminded today of the time when Cale wasn't able to speak. For the longest time, he had no way to communicate. We tried getting him to blink his eyes, show us numbers, even the tapping he did for a while wasn't consistent to be able to use as communication. I look at it now and think, how did I make it through such a long time with out hearing him? With out communicating of some kind? Only by God's grace!

Now, I can soak in the blessings of getting to hear his voice, hear what's on his mind, and listen and laugh at all the funny things he has to say! It's amazing and a miracle that will never be forgotten.

Cale had a break through in his memory this morning. I started asking him questions about our past, and this time he was able to give me some details. I asked him where we went on the cruise and he said, "islands" I asked what we saw and he said, "horses." I asked him about being deployed and who were soldiers he was deployed with. He said, 2 guys and a girl. I wasn't sure what deployment he was talking about, but when I said, "Sergeant" he said, "Stieh" then I said, "Captain" and he said, "Lanning." The other was either Lee or Edwards, but I wasn't able to figure out which one he was talking about. He got excited about both names, but they were on separate deployments. Also, I asked if he remembered visiting our friends Jorel and Jade. We had been at their house visiting the day of the accident. He said yes and then when I asked if they had pets, he said, "two dogs!" Yes! That's right! This was so exciting because he hasn't been able to initiate memory of the past yet. He will say yes or no, but it's usually inconsistent. This was actually giving detail!! Wooooohooooo! Oh goodness! I squeezed him so tight, I thought he might pop with pizza! I loved so much getting to listen to him share in our memories...

In Speech, Patty is working with Cale and his nasal sounds. Before the surgery, the mass had caused no air flow through his nose. This made him sound stuffed up a lot and changed the sounds of some of his letters. Now, he has too much air coming through his nose! Cale worked today on "P" words and "B" words. Patty had him think of the words, spell them, and say them clear.

P words-
papa (cale spelled it papapa)
peak (he spelled it peke)
Popeye (right after Cale said this, he then added, "Popeye the sailor man...toot! toot!")

B words-

Out of all those words, Cale only misspelled two and after given choices of the other ways to spell them, he was able to pick them out! That's sooooooo great! He needed a little prompting towards the end to pick a word, but for the most part, he came up with them all on his own!! :)

We were in his room during a moment of paused business. Cale was sitting on his bed, I was answering an email, and he said, "I'm bored." K: "Wanna give me a foot massage?" C: "Nope" K: "You said you were bored" C: "I'm not that bored!" Haha!

In PT, Pat had Cale on the treadmill and he did 15 minutes! That's his longest yet! Pat also had a mirror in front of him, so Cale could see how his right foot turns out. I'm so proud of him because he didn't want to do PT, but he does it, everyday and keeps going! After some hard work, Pat had Cale on the mat to stretch him. He ripped his wrist band off the other day, so they are trying it on his ankle. In the past, they've tried his ankle and he rips it off within minutes! So far, he's lasted more than a day! Pat pointed out how he now had it on his ankle. C: "I don't know why I have to have it." P: "It's so they know who you are" Cale looked at me, "Do you know who I am?" K: "yes" C: "K, it off!" P: "It's for the nurses to know." C: "I'll tell them!" He's so funny about that wrist band! I understand why! I took mine off last night. It gets itchy and scratchy after a few fun!

I was asking Cale to think of a bunch of different things tonight. We were having a fun time being silly, while still getting his brain to work. I asked him to name the planets. Here's his list: Earth, Mexico, Saturn (with a tiny bit of prompting), Detroit, and Mississippi. I bet some of you reading have been to other planets and you had no idea! ;) Who needs to know the planets anyways? haha! I think we'll work on it a little and get that mind in gear!

Words are such a powerful gift. Whether it's sweet words from my husband, encouraging words from a friend, or words that speak right to my heart from the Father, they are all powerful. There were a few times today that it felt as though things were not going as I needed them to. Mostly it was a time issue, or something to go along with that. At one point, I realized how my words were coming out a little short with out me realizing it. It's so easy to let things build up and unleash them on someone that is separate from the storm issue. All day, little things were happening that was like a storm starting to brew, but the hail didn't need to be let out on an innocent bystander. I sometimes have to catch my tone with Cale in the middle of a frustrating situation. In moments when he is angry and miserable, I have to be extra careful and make an extra effort, not to let my words retaliate to his emotions. Rather, I need to be speaking words in to him that are going to build him up and help him to stand a little taller. I need to give him words that will give him his 3 in the afternoon boost!

Is there someone that maybe your words came across the wrong way to? I know the lady on the phone today, didn't need my attitude! If you have the chance, maybe you could return to them and fill them up with words that are sweeter than honey to them (this does not need to be romantic)?


  1. I have often offended people unintentionally with my words... it is so easy to say something with the best intentions, and have it come out so wrong. As a nurse, I have learned to bridle my emotions in my words, and make them sweeter than how I feel... it is amazing the response that gets!!! Then I even start to feel the change in myself. I love the planets!!!!! I will tell my Mexican friend that she is from another planet... I was laughing out loud when I read that. Continued prayers for you and Cale!

  2. I remember a few times I've been very frustrated just before calling the Credit Union. I told the teller I was mad about the situation and if I sounded gruff at her not to take it personally. It was amazing how sweet they were with me. By the end of it, I told them thankyou for bearing with me and helping me calm down. Too, I remember the scripture from Proverbs, "A soft answer turns away wrath". I've seen a soft answer turn away the dragon's words more than once. Again, too, there have been times I've heaped hot coals on the speakers head (there's a scripture to that affect...not sure of the refference) by baking them cookies or their favorite cake. :) I am so excited about Cale's memory. How cool is that, to see Father's hand at work. I love you, Marion

  3. what a joy to hear the words of your husband and to hear his mind continue to repair and heal...

    thank you for the encouragement about words and tone of voice...

    love you!!

  4. Wonderful, you both are on a Journey.Michele Years down from now you'll treasure these memory's!

  5. The power of life and death is in the tongue- Choose LIFE ! Love it ! So encouraged to hear that Caleb is remembering his past - awesome - the best is yet to come !!! I remember Myra telling me that the way Jewish Rabi's would train children to learn the word was to place honey on their tongues as they remembered scripture - How cool is that !!! Hope you are both well . Love to you and prayers Reenie

  6. Kathy Beckett2/9/11, 8:35 AM

    Good Morning, Kathleen! I'm a couple of days late to send this comment, but I have struggled for 13 years to get Luke to eat good food. He seems very sensitive to texture and I find that I go through periods where I am determined to get him to eat more and then I kind of "give up" for a while! Anyway, recently I was reading a book called 'You are What You Eat' and the author mentions Green Super Foods (different grasses, algea, veggies, etc.) that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. I promptly went to Whole Foods and bought some in powder form and now Luke drinks some once a day mixed with water. (He should probably drink it twice a day, but we start with baby steps!) It is hard for him...but I can cajole him into it and give him a piece of gum when he finishes! However, you could probably find a way to hide that in smoothies where it would be much more tolerable than simply in water. Just a thought.... Love you!

  7. Andrew M. Roy2/9/11, 2:03 PM


    I'm so amazed at how well your husband is progressing. Glad to see his wit never disappeared!

    As for words: I find myself noticing the subtle power of words in my relationship with Rachel.

    Hopefully, acknowledging how valuable it is to speak will give us pause in our choice of words.

    Peace be with you,


  8. I will be praying for you and Cale.
    I wanted to let you know that I have a ministry on my blog called A Meal in the Mail. If you and Cale would like to be featured to receive some meals in the mail please let me know! You can find out more about the ministry at, or e-mail me at


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