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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Saturday in Space

Weekends are so nice, aren’t they?

Cale is scheduled for meds at 7am, so we had to get up and going early, but even though we kept the same routine, we slowed it down…a lot! It was so nice to wake up and be lazy while getting ready. It’s also really cold in this little apartment, so getting to hide back under the covers after breakfast was pretty nice!

This morning I asked Cale to tell me a story. He still has a lot of trouble starting a conversation, or coming up with things on his own, but with out hesitation, Cale started a story. He said, “There was a dog named Basil and a bird named Cluck.” And then he proceeded to make up a story about these two characters! It was so great to listen to! It was really funny and lasted only a couple minutes, but how great is that?! I loved it so much and might have annoyed Cale with my continued opinion about how great the moment was. Hopefully, it made him feel so good that he’ll want to keep telling stories! :)

I also had a chance to talk with Amy today. Adam is doing very well and she’s been an amazing wife through their journey. Please be praying for wisdom as Amy is trying to make the best step in their lives. We spent a little time at the end of the conversation talking about Cale and I getting to visit them…we would love that! Think about how encouraging that could be for Adam to see Cale, and for Cale to encourage him! I know Cale has needed lots of encouragement along the way!

Later this afternoon, Cale and I went to lunch and then to the Flight Museum with two friends that we had met in Palo Alto that actually live here! I think I wrote about them being a part of a great church here that we can attend while we’re here? Well, the first part was about space, and Cale was so interested! I was unsure of how the museum was going to be with him, especially after going to lunch. He does great going places and doing things, but most times, it lasts for a short time before it becomes too much. The first part of us being there, he surprised me with how much attention he gave to each thing. There’s usually something that triggers his mood change and this time it was a game. There was a little thing set up that you could play and land a rocket. Cale didn’t do too well on either, and that got him mad! The last half was the planes, but at that point he was ready to leave. He lasted for a little while longer and then finally had enough with the place!

We really enjoyed getting out for a while. Cale again, did so good with pushing himself. I told him we were going to take the wheelchair because there was going to be a lot of walking and he didn't like the idea! Then, when we were leaving, Eric tried helping him out of the car and Cale said, "I can do it." he did very well too! I love that he desires more independence when out of the hospital. This gets me even more excited for going home!

I haven't written much about details yet...because I don't really know dates yet, but I do want to let you know that I think we'll be going home around the end of March, if not before. Yikes! Wait, have I written about this? I don't remember! Anyways, we'll actually be going home! I was a little nervous and questioned at first, but after realizing a few things and covering it in prayer, I do feel perfect peace about going. It's time. It's going to be an adjustment, but I do believe that Cale is going to make some really big gains once we're home. There's been several things that have confirmed it, so I'm going to believe it!

Please be praying about this transition and all that goes along with that. Of course Cale is ready, but his thoughts about home are a little mixed up sometimes...we'll cross that bridge when we get there. God has truly already gone before us, as I've seen so many things happen already! A gym in the Tri-Cities has donated a few things for us to have at home for Cale to continue PT. This is HUGE and such a blessing! They've also offered to open up the gym and a trainer for Cale with out charge! What?! Yes. My mind is still having trouble grasping it! That's only a tiny bit of it...

I finally have figured out a way to get internet on my computer!! I actually just did it, and...yay! :) I disconnected the internet from the one in the community center and plugged it in mine. I thought it was the internet that was so slow so I didn't think it would be great on my laptop either, but it's been fast enough to get pictures on. It's let me on Facebook (even though it's slow), but wouldn't let me on my email. So...I tried it and it works :) Cale is sitting here with me trying to be patient, so I can't return any tonight, but at least I figured out a way!


  1. Wow - March that is fantastic! Thanks for the update on Adam and Amy - Just told Jan - we pray for them every morning as well..... So excited for all the changes and the new situations you are finding! What a great day !! So Happy for you and Caleb!!!!! Blessings to you ! God knows each step before you take it - and he prepares your way "and he walks with me and he talks with me ......" God has such an amazing plan - we just don't know what it is ....sometimes that can be frightening BUT we can Rest IN HIM who knows it all !!! Love you both ((())) Reenie :)

  2. I am so glad I got to meet you before you moved. I love you and am proud of you and of Cale. Did you get your house? At first I wondered who was the astronaut...then I realized it was Cale. :) Much love to you, Marion

  3. Wow that's some kind of good news there punkin...And hey how about looking in the mirror if you want to see an awesome wife. SO so excited to see all the new things that are coming up for you. And home eh? How wonderful. For Cale and for you too I think. To restart your wonderful life with your husband. I am always in prayer for you and I love you my friend...Love ,
    Charlie and Jean

  4. We had a lesson in Sunday School a few weeks back that popped into my mind as I read your post today. I can only imagine how overwhelming the thought of taking Cale home must be for you. When you are feeling overwhelmed remember this saying, "Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is." God will pave the way for you. He will be there to show you the way and to dry your tears when you think that you can't do it.
    Mandy Anderson


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