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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A flight...lots of adventures, and now NC!!

So...yesterday was a HUGE day! We are officially discharged (for good!) out of the hospital!! Yes! Oh my goodness!

When I woke Cale up yesterday morning, I asked him what was so special about the day. Cale guessed that it was our anniversary and then my birthday. Finally (because the excitement was going to make me explode) I blurted out, "we're leaving today!" I ran and jumped on the bed, causing the both of us to laugh, and then I told him how we've been in the hospital for 13 months. 13! Finally, we were going to leave for good and after our vacation, we would be going home. Home. Cale replied with, "wow" when I told him it had been 13 months and then when I said we were going home for good, he asked if he could celebrate! Oh goodness YES! We celebrating big time! There will be a party! :)

The airport was quite the adventure. I love traveling and airports, but I must say, it's a little more stressful...adventure-filled with Cale. We've had fun! First,it started with me trying to get all the luggage and Cale inside by myself. I was told it would be no problem because there would be a lot of airline staff to help out. Well...I couldn't find anyone! I was running and using muscles, and by golly, we made it. The guy that helped us at the counter was really friendly and gave Cale a hard time about his Red Wings hoodie.

Security was another crazy adventure, but with all the craziness we made it through alive! Haha! Once we passed that part, we headed for the gate and had to take the little tram thing to the other side of the airport. I was so excited and a little giddy about all that was going on. I took out the camera and right as I was going to snap the picture, the tram started...Cale went backwards. I had forgotten to lock the breaks on his chair! Now, I have something in me that makes me turn red-a lot. Even when I'm not really embarrassed, but if there is attention on me, I can sure turn red. I think of it as a curse sometimes. Well, in that moment, I was red...very red! If you could see us, I think we would have been funny enough to be in Americas Funniest Home Videos. Yes, adventures!

We did make it to our plane in one piece. A few more funny things happened a long the way, but we made it to our seats. About half way through the flight, I guess it was a little tooboring because I created another adventure. As we were getting up and trying to work our way to the bathroom, I managed to spill my cranberry apple juice all over our seats...oops. I couldn't help but laugh, especially since Cale was confused of what I was doing as I was trying to wipe up the juice. Oh man...we are quite the scene!

The whole time we were on the flight (even with many reminders), Cale thought we were flying to Washington State! I kept telling him that we were in Washington when we first got on the plane, and now we're going to NC for our vacation, but it wasn't sticking. Poor guy.

Our first stop is to Cary, NC where we were at for the second hospital. It's so special to be back here. We're staying with Gordon and Susan, who had become very close to me while we were here before. This afternoon we're going to have dinner with the Pastors family of the church here that was a sweet blessing to us during our time here. It's so great!

We're off to the park for a little bit! I won't be updating every day while we're here, but I'll try to keep it up! :)

Thank you for praying!!


  1. ha ha, I have that same red issue! Glad to know I'm not alone!!

  2. I'm so happy to hear this! I really wished I was a fly on the wall to see your adventure of the flight! You are a strong strong amazing women! Cale is very very lucky! So are you to have him!
    Much blessings on this sabbath day.
    Brandi Jo

  3. Sweet Kathleen!! You ARE amazing. I was praying about your security check. It sounds like it wasn't tooooo bad. I love you and am glad you can have this vacation. I am trusting Father to give you some special memories. Much love, Marion

  4. I am cracking up about the airport! That is what I feel like when I am traveling with two kids. We are so excited to see you both next weekend!

    Mandy Anderson


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