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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today was so much fun! We have an early day tomorrow, so I'm going to make this really short...Instead of writing about today, I have pictures of some of our fun! :)

Mike and Rachel! Cale was super excited last night when he realized that Mike's first name was the same as his middle name!

Caleb and Kathleen! They love each other!

Mike and Cale. Mike had to help shave Cale for tomorrow. Cale has been growing his goatee again and has a hate relationship with the razor. With Mike's help, all was conquered! ;)

Kathleen and Rachel. We had on hats and we're cool...uh? Haha!

All four of us. Cale says, "We're friends. Good friends, yeah!"

I missed the, stick your tongue out memo...

Monkeys we be!

So much fun today! I just love the friends the Lord has blessed us with!



  1. Great pictures.2 beautiful couples!!

  2. Hope you are enjoying Seattle. It is so darn cold here! Praying for a complete recovery for Cale and a wonderful life for you both!

  3. Love, love the pictures. Cale always looks so happy when you have family and friends visiting. You both are in my prayers for all the changes this month!!! Enjoy your visit. Tell my kids I love and miss them. :)

  4. Hey there funny face ! Glad to see you all having such a good time !!!Friends sweet friends no truer shaddow can man have than the that which a friend throws........Enjoy your day ! Love ya ! Reenie

  5. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that's 8000 words in the post. :) It looks like you had a lot of fun. How cool is that!! I love you and look forward to reading your next blog, Marion

  6. Absolutely LOVE the pics!!! Great to see a little laughter and what appears to be a lot of enjoyment with friends... glad they could be there for you!
    Should you have any needs, or need any help for when you leave, please let us know.

    Love, blessings & prayer,

  7. Love the pictures of you guys. I hope things will continue to keep you both smiling. I'm sure you both are looking so forward to getting back home.
    You have the most wonderful friends.


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