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Thursday, March 3, 2011

SGT Darling is...back!

“Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil-It has no point.”

What a day! Yikes…my alarm went off at 6am, which is only 45 minutes earlier than usual, but felt like it was so early! I hurried to get ready and then it was time to get Cale ready. Today was a very special day…Cale wore his uniform.

Oh my stinkin’ goodness! Of course I had a hard time holding back tears! It was such an awesome thing to see him dressed as a soldier again. He loved it! This morning our conversation went like this…

K: Good morning handsome.
C: Good morning pretty girl.
K: It’s time to wake up!
C: I’m sad.
K: Why are you sad?
C: I’m here. I’m not home.
K: Well, we’re going to be gone from the hospital all day!
K: And you get to wear your uniform and be SGT Darling for a day!
C: Yay! Two Yays!


We spent the whole day at Ft. Lewis getting packed full with information. Whew. I’m slightly overwhelmed and I think by the end of the last meeting, I had stopped being able to retain any more words that were spoken. I was reminded several times that I don’t have to worry about trying to remember all of it today…it would have been impossible!

We also had lunch with some really great people and talked about all the opportunities there are for Cale. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get everything started! I have been determined to make sure that Cale does not come home and then just exist. He is a young active man and TBI can’t take that desire and determination away! I also know that just existing is not what the Lord has planned for him…us…you!

I was very unsure about how Cale was going to do with all the meetings and talking, but once again he surprised me! He didn’t like it very much and during the first meeting he kept turning to me and letting me know he was bored, but he stuck it out all day. I’m so very proud of him! Towards the end of the day when he was past ready to leave, he was asked about the day, he said, “Two good things, soldier and pizza!” It was so great to see how he acted with the other soldiers and how as soon as his uniform was on, his serious side came back! ;)

On the way back to the hospital, Cale was exhausted and I was very much exhausted, so we played cards for a little while to entertain ourselves. Our AW2 Teresa played with us and spent the whole day helping me understand what was going on, taking notes, asking questions, and a bazillion other things. She’s incredible and one of my favorite people!

We had a big bus just for Cale, Teresa, and myself. I said that it was kind of like a limo...haha!

This is Cale's Company in the WTU (Warrior Transition Unit)

CSM Nua with us. He's an important kind of guy :)


  1. How amazing it must have been for Cale! A little boredom can be overtaken by the fact that he was a soldier again, part of a unit, and around his "buddies". I'm sure it meant the world to him, even if he didn't appreciate the meetings.

    Go, Sgt. Darling!!!


  2. Now I know why we had a spurt of sunshine here in Olympia, you and Cale were closer. While I havn't had quite the information flood you have had today, I do remember several times feeling on overload when my Dave was TDY. Somehow, it all works out. That's why all those cute Airman are there....ooopppssss I mean soldiers....they answer our questions. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. You know, Kathleen, Cale has just shown us again, how all of our heroes soldiers/airman/all military, are heroes through and through. It's not just a job, it's who and what they are. Thank you Sgt Darling for serving our country, having protected our freedom, and showing us true heroes keep on fighting to be the best they can be. Kathleen, I love and honor both of you, Marion

  3. Hero's are not just Hero's because of what they do - IT is who they are ! Welcome back ST Darling! Awww so happy for you both to be taking some time ! Yea ! AND so happy for you two to be off and out of the hospital !!!! Have a great weekend !!! LOve YA! Reenie !!!


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