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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Confident Hope

I can’t stop pointing out to anyone around, that we’re home. I feel as though I’m bursting at the seams! There have been so many times that I have put something aside until I was home…well, I can stop doing that! It’s so amazing to me and I know it’s nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Jesus!

I’m still walking around the house and loving getting to say this is my home-oh my goodness! Yay! This house was not just about how great our church is (even though I happen to think they’re all so great!), but of what happens when people love Jesus. So many people (some that have never met me and that don't go to our church!) have given so much time and energy to make this home come together. I continue to hear stories, and I’m so unbelievably thankful. You have all blessed us so much!

Today was a very special day for the two of us and the evidence of yet another miracle. Cale and I walked into church. There was no wheelchair-and Cale worshiped. Amazing. Everyone was already sitting and our Pastor shared quickly about us, and then we walked in. The whole church started clapping and Cale’s face lit up! He had a smile the whole way down the aisle! I’m pretty sure I did too…such an awesome moment. Kathy (Cale’s mom) joined us at church today, so that was even more special! God is so good-isn’t He?!

We had another busy afternoon. Mama and I feel like we didn’t get anything accomplished, but I know we did a little! Chei (Cale’s sister) came over this afternoon, along with my sister, Joe, and Beth. I love getting to see everyone and know that this isn't just a temporary thing...we're home! Tomorrow I start with my to do list. On the plane home, I started making my list and it ended up filling the whole page! I showed Cale after and very dramatically explained how much needed to be done. Cale looked at the list and said, “One thing at a time.” So wise! So, tomorrow I start doing one thing at a time.

I asked Cale what he wanted me to write and he said, “Hi! Hi people!”


I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. –Romans 15:13

I love the verse above. God-the source of hope. In a hopeless situation (whatever it may be), we can claim and rest in knowing that God is hope. He’s the source of it! He fills us with joy and peace when our world seems shaky and shattered. When there’s a storm and He’s asking us to get out of the boat-we can be totally filled with peace and joy to do it and get through it. We just need to trust Him! The second part says that we will overflow with confident hope. We don’t have to claim that hope and wonder if our hope is just to make us feel good inside, or if it’s real-we can be confident in it through the power of the Holy Spirit! Claim it! Live it! Rest in the hope that is so free to you!


  1. Tamara L. Host4/3/11, 9:23 PM

    Hi Hi Cale...Hi Kathleen...So happy that you're home and enjoying it finally...It has been such a long long time coming and you have finally made it...I am so happy for the both of you...I believe that this will help in Cale's healing and full recovery...God bless you both...

  2. Welcome home, Welcome home, Welcome HOME!!! See, it's almost as great for us to say it as it feels to you... Love to see your happiness. And the picture with the cat and dog, priceless! A little happy Darling Family! When things slow down a bit for you, we would love to come visit or even meet for coffee out, if Cale feels like he needs an escape. Just give us a call

    Happy to be serving the same Lord,

  3. I love that you are home. It feels like a BIG gift to me too. I love you guys and continue to trust Father for you both. Hugs, Marion

  4. I'm so happy you're home. Your house looked like it was just waiting with open arms for you guys. BUT... NC misses you. I hope you keep blogging Kathleen! Considering that even though you are 'home', you're still on this journey. :) Love you guys.

  5. I am overjoyed and I don't even know you two! So exciting..God is good and YOU are a shining example of FAITH. Heard another song I think you will like...super sweet from a singer whose journey hit a detour as well. Youtube it... It is called Blessings Laura Story. I think it will speak to your heart! So happy for you, Cale, Basil and Scratch!

  6. Home ! Just keep saying it cause it sounds so good !!!! So happy for you both ! Hi Caleb!!!!(from one of his many fans ;) ) Love you guys !!!

  7. Welcome home! Love u and praying for u!

  8. The fact that Cale is sitting on a couch in his own home is an incredible miracle. You both continue to run the race well.
    God is good.
    The Scott Family


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