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Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's been another busy day. Because I was determined to get the video done last night, I didn't get to bed until almost 3am. I was set on not getting out of bed until 11am because I was so tired, but at 6am the Darlings were awake. Darn time change. Haha! We did manage to stay in bed until 8:30am though! Mama and I had a coffee date this morning (in MY kitchen! :)) while Cale played Xbox for a little bit. Not too much longer the day started and just kept going!

We had lots of visitors and started going through stuff. It was busy and we were exhausted, but it's been so great! A group of our friends came by today and helped get some stuff done, and we had some visiting time in. Kathy (Cale's mom) spent the day with us and to celebrate being home, we ordered pizza! :)

Cale has been doing awesome. He's been walking around the house! Sometimes he still uses his walker, but I've been hiding it! ;) He uses the walls and whatever else he can grab onto, but he's doing it!

So...some of you haven't heard that we have a cat! In August 08', I had told Cale one night out of desperateness that I either needed him to give me a baby or a dog-I needed one of them. We got a cat. Both of us really wanted a baby and a dog, but it wasn't a good idea at that time. We went to the SPCA the next day and picked out a really sweet kitten that Cale named Scratch. He's been living with Mama since December 09' so now he's back with us! Also, Basil has been here in Kennewick waiting for us, so Joe brought him. The whole family is together again! I love it!!! Pictures soon! :)

Here are some pictures of the Darling home. Enjoy!

Cale's work out room!

Our very sweet kitchen

Spare room-wanna come visit?!

I just love this...

Living room

Dining room

Our bedroom



We are so blessed. It's so so so good to finally be home! Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen. I know some of you reading this, spent a lot of time helping out or in prayer. You are amazing and we are so very thankful for you!


  1. My Sweet Kathleen!! How much fun to see your home. I love it!! I KNOW Cale will do even better and better now he's home. We used to have a cat. They can be pretty special. If we had a fenced yard we WOULD have a dog. I love you and rejoice with, hugs, Marion

  2. the house is beautiful!! I love it!

    Casey Q

  3. Kathleen !!! Looks like a beautiful place to "hang your hat" ! Love it ! I am sure you will have years of enjoyment in your new space- tell Caleb I am jealous he has a cool work out room ! ;) So glad you can be visited by family and it doesn't have to end- because they are close - Yea !!! God is good all the time ! So happy that you and Caleb are back with Scratch and Basil ! We love pets as you well know they will be great for Calebs recovery ! Have a blessed and happy day ! Welcome HOME love ya ! Reenie

  4. Tamara L. Host4/3/11, 6:12 AM

    It is so beautiful...Congratulations to you both...I am so happy for you...

  5. It Is beautiful thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I know you and Cale will be so happy in your new home. Will keep you both in my prayers.

  6. Just gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy for you Kathleen. When can we come visit? xoxo

  7. Oh my goodness! What a nice house! Everyone did an amazing job getting it ready for you guys! I'm so happy you finally have a place to call home! I am praying for you as you start this new stage!

  8. Dear Kathleen,
    The house is so pretty! You and Cale deserve it and I know you will be very happy there! I can almost smell your delicious baking smells wafting from that cute kitchen! : D
    I believe Cale will continue to recover in your home with Friends and Family around to help bring back memories! ; D
    All my LOVE,
    Lorri C.

  9. Beautiful home! So happy for you guys. :)
    Lori/New Life

  10. did you have things in storage or are these all brand new to you.? it's got to be such a huge change, from hospitals to a home of your own. May the Lord bless you greatly. debbie

  11. Wow! K and C, your home is Uh-Mazing!!!!! WOW!!!!! Looks like a billion bucks! Congrats - I am SO GLAD you guys are HOME! :D


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