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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rapunzel's (Kathleen's) emotions...

Last night’s pillow fight was a success! It was full of squeals and laughter; Cale won by stealing my pillow and pounding me! Haha! So much fun!

After we settled down and were snuggled in bed, I told Cale that we should do P90X and get really buff…and become super heroes! Cale smiled really big and said, "Grrrr Arrrrrrgh" and then in his deep voice he added, "super hero!" Hahaha! We're not quite there yet...! ;)

After being awake for a little bit and having breakfast, Cale says, “I have a question.” I asked him what it was and he replied, “How far is the closest Mc Donald’s?” Haha! Uh…are you planning on taking off?! Oh man! Of course after that, I had to give in and get him what he wanted!

It was beautiful outside today! I walked out with Basil this morning and loved feeling the sun on my skin. I think it was the nicest day since we’ve been home. There wasn’t too much of a breeze and just felt so good! I’m sure it was a little too chilly, but I still had to wear a skirt and flip flops today! :)

This is what I have been feeling like... ;)

I have good days and bad days all in one day. I can have a great day and everything be so great, and then in a moment, I feel overwhelmed, lonely, and so sad. It's not as drastic as that (usually!), but that seems to be how things are lately. Cale's giving me extra hugs and every time he is seeing me, even when I walked into the living room last night with sweats and a hoodie on, he says, "Oooh! You're hot!" That's been giving me lots of smiles! :)


  1. Too funny, Kathleen!!! I watched the video clip and thought "Yup, I'm so there too!" Love you both!!

  2. HA! I knew before I even saw it what clip it was going to be !!! I love that part! Yep I think we have all been there ~ some longer than others....So glad that You and Caleb are having fun and enjoying yourselves . HAPPY EASTER BLESSED AND REDEEMED DAUGHTER OF THE KING!!!! That is the part you don't want to forget- you are a daughter of the KING !!!! LOVE to you and Blessings !!!! Reenie !!!!!!

  3. I enJOY this Rapunzel. It's funny to watch. I am glad you are having fun days with Cale. I continue to trust for you both. What better day to remember that, than Resurecton day, the day that gave us all HOPE. I love you, Marion

  4. I'm glad that you are feeling so many emotions ... good and bad; it just means you're alive and God has given you abundant life!I love you so much girl!Maybe I'll come over soon and enjoy another walk with you and Basil!



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