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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have some of the BEST friends!

I really need to stay in the habit of writing this before I'm cozy in bed and about to drift off to another land!

Today was a great day. I needed it! How many times have I written about how the Lord meets me right where I'm at and always provides exactly what I need...need not always want! Today was full of both!

I'm going to flood you with a ton more pictures. I can't help myself! Pictures are so darn fun and make me smile so much. :) We had day three of BBQ fun! I think Cale is worn out by all the excitement!

We had some of our friends over tonight and had a blast! There was lots of laughing, eating, being silly, and picking on Kathleen!

Cale's memory is doing amazing! I didn't take the time to write anything down through the day, so my brain is blank, but I'll try to remember some of the really good stuff and write tomorrow!

Please be praying for tomorrow. We have an appointment that I'm dreading! I'll update more on that later.

For those of you that know me, you know I love cooking and baking. I love aprons and cookbooks. I love kitchen gadgets and flour everywhere. I love making desserts especially because I can make them pretty! This morning I decided, we were having people over, we were going to be eating together...and I'm finally in my own kitchen!!! So I made a yummy toast thing! I thought it was so good (and hopefully everyone else did too!), Cale said it was weird...and I loved, loved, loved getting to make something!

One of my favorite things about this house is the really big patio in the backyard. I love it! I love BBQ's and summer. I love eating outside and laughing with friends. I love today and the many ways I can feel God's hugs and kisses. I know there are a lot of people that believe that God doesn't care about all the little things in life that we love, and He just wants us to love only Him, but I disagree. I believe (and our Pastor talked about it this morning) that God created us to experience joy. He created this world so that we would have an abundant overflowing amount of joy from all the things that he's created. The same God that created the world, created my friends and formed each of them to be such amazing people...and I love them.


  1. I KNOW God cares about the little things - He is so detailed just look at the world we live in right down to the ants ...... So glad God gave you kisses and Hugs right when you needed them - Of course HE did - He is the best Daddy in the entire universe (and beyond as Buzz lightyear would say ...) So smiling at all of your pictures you both look amazingly happy !!!! Love your toast thingies..... scrumtious looking ! Love the back deck- awesome ! how amazing that you have things your heart desired - God is so good! Always All ways Always!!!!!!!! love to you and Caleb!!!!! Reenie

  2. Those little toast thingys sure look good, makes me hungry. :) I don't see how people can say Father doesn't care about little things...He knows how many hairs are on my head, not to mention everyone elses. He makes our genes give us the attributes of our parents. HE is our example of being a parent. If we wouldn't give our children a serpent, or stone, how can we even think Papa God wouldn't give us something just to enjoy. He said (in Proverbs) laughter is like a medicine. Isn't He the one who had His Son give some of the diciples a surprise of a fresh fish fry before He ascended. Nope, I don't think Father "would not" not give us "little things" to enjoy. I am praying for you today and everyday. I love you, Marion

  3. Kathleen:
    The Lord is good. Blessed be the name of the Lord. He wastes absolutely nothing in our lives. May He bless your friends abundantly, for being friends and not walking away. May He bless all those who have bless you and Cale!

  4. Oh my friend I am so so happy for all the joys you are having in your new home. As a baker myself I know the feeling of flour and sugar and dough all over the place. Praying for Cale to make this his home and the Lord to remove the obstacles from your appointment tomorrow..
    We love you,
    Charlie and Jean


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