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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Cale and I just finished checking the email that we had set up for the prayer chain that we made to hang around his hospital room. When I first started the chain, the thought behind it was that as people emailed that they were praying with their name and location, we could write it on a chain link and then when Cale was aware enough to understand, he would have a visual of everyone that is praying him us through this journey.

Well, I mentioned a few posts back, maybe last month about the chain and how I had hung it up in the workout room for him to continue to be reminded of everyone praying. I’m guilty though of not taking the time to look at the emails since December! I just always forget…well, we just looked and it blessed our socks off! It’s amazing, like, crazy amazing to read how our lives have encouraged you, and helped you in some way…it just totally blesses my heart to the brim and then over flowing.

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for taking the time to lift up my husband and encourage him. I just read him so many emails that shared how he has inspired you, and well, I know those words find themselves a spot deep in his heart and plant seeds of determination, endurance, perseverance, faith, strength, hope, joy, and so much more!

You have blessed us above and beyond. Thank you!

Also, in a couple emails there was a request for prayer cards if we still had some-we do! We still have a bunch that can be sent out! I will get those in the mail soon because I had brought some to Seattle with us. If you would still like one and never received one, or if you know someone that would love to have one, just send your address (or theirs!) to!

Now, about our day:

First, I just can’t even begin to explain how awesome our stay here has been! Today was a week and although my poor husband asks every day, several times a day, to go home, it’s been great! Therapy so far is going so good. Cale’s attitude is completely different in many different ways. We’ve been having a blast together! Even though I’m with him 24/7, and haven’t been able to get away yet, it’s totally fine! We’ve been having a ton of fun and have been able to enjoy each other in a new way. God paved the road and went before us…!

Last night we played cards (Battleship is a no go for now. He’ll get there, but for now, it’s a 3 player game) and I think we had the most fun we’ve ever had playing! In between some of our games, we had two tickle wars and a pillow fight! We laughed until our sides hurt, well; at least mine killed, and snuggled like two bears hibernating.

Today started off with PT. The original idea was to try the Space Needle again, but the clouds were yucky, so again we wait to get to the top! We ended up going to the Ballard Lock (I think this is what it was called) and walked around. It’s an area where the boats pass through Lake Union and the Puget Sound (I’m trying to be smart here and remember what Andrea shared about it, but I might be mixed up…so maybe ignore my info!). We saw a few boats pass through, walked a lot in the rain; Cale was soaked, but wanted to keep walking and totally enjoyed everything, and saw some fish. It was fun and a lot of hard work for Cale. Again, his attitude is so different towards therapy.

Once we were back to the hotel, we had a quick lunch and then it was off to the hospital. We had to run to Trader Joes right after his appointment and I almost had a panic attack! That might be a little dramatic, but it was a scare! The cashier was finishing ringing up the items that we had filled our cart with. I had a $10 gift card that I was excited to use, but that wasn’t going to cover everything. I opened my wallet to grab my debit card…and it wasn’t there! Uh?

I started searching, but trying to stay calm. I’m known for losing things after putting them in their “special place”, so I was getting nervous. I stood there quickly racking my brain to figure out when the last time I used my card was. He hit the total button and at the very same time, I stuck my hand in my coat pocket and VoilĂ ! For some reason that I have no answer for, my card was in my pocket. I came away looking pretty smooth like nothing just happened, but my brain was a little frazzled.

Once back, we hung out and continued to have a fun afternoon. Things are just so fun right now! Even when we’re driving around, we’ve been having a blast because it’s always an adventure for the two of us…always been that way. The streets here are crazy and funny things always seem to find their way to us.

This is one thing you won’t see in Kennewick…it happened twice to us today. Kind of neat!

Cale told me today, “I love you like people love penguins.” I’m really hoping as you read this, you realize your deep love for penguins and all of their cuteness! Heehee! :)

I then told him, “I love you like women love chocolate.”


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!! So glad that this trip is filled with the goodness of chocolate and penguins....... It sounds like a vacation more than a planned hospital stay - Don't you just love God's plans!!!!! Hahhahaha We had one of those bridges in Jacksonville FL !!!! Fun to watch the first few times but a real slow ya down when you are in a hurry lol !!!! I am amazed that you don't know the power of your words, you have blessed so many Kathleen with this Blog.... His word has power and so do ours when we speak what he wants us to KA- BAM there ya go! So proud of Caleb's attention to walking and that he has a great attitude- That is probably the biggest choice he makes for himself....So glad you are enjoying this time ~ He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies- You eat your fill girl - even though you have to be in Seatel for this proceedure, because of the tumor.... ( this enemy if you will ) , God is giving you a full table of great things to chew on !!!!! Love how he loves you !!!!! ((()))) hugs and BLESSINGS love ya ! Have a better than great day !!!! Reenie

  2. Penguins and Chocolate!!! HHHMMMMMMMM, quite a heady combonation, if you ask me. Father is so good. I rejoice that you two are having such a good time. You are getting to see quite a bit of Seattle, it sounds like. I love you and continue to trust Father for you both. Marion

  3. Kathy Beckett6/1/11, 1:18 PM

    I, personally, LOVE penguins...those cute, little ones that are always playing behind the thick glass at the zoo! I'm so glad that the stay in Seattle has been such a blessing. I will keep praying that Cale stays receptive to all the treatment he is receiving there. I would love for Mom and Jeff's step-mom to have a prayer reminder card. They each were so happy to meet you and continue to ask about you & Cale regularly. I'll email their addresses to you. Love you both!


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