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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Come along!

Cale, the photographer, took pictures along our trip today so that you could feel like you’re coming along with us!

The luggage…I might have over done the amount of clothes that I felt I just had to have in the next 5 weeks, but what can I say? I’m one of those girls that like variety! Hehe! I bet you can guess which bag is mine and which one is Cale’s! What size would your bag be?

First stop…Starbucks! We ended up not leaving the house until almost noon, and I needed the java to help me out! I ordered a Peppermint White Mocha, which I order almost every time I get a special coffee, which is not very often, so it’s a treat. Cale doesn’t like coffee in the slightest, so he always likes to get the Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino. What special coffee or non-coffee drink do you like to get?

On the road! Just so you know, Cale took this picture and the whole time my eyes were on the road! :) Cale and I always have loved taking road trips. We have the most interesting conversations and just always have such a good time. One time we spent over an hour talking about these crazy insects that did all these crazy things...that led to a lot more of creation that only by a Creator is it possible to that even plants have detailed ways of life! Our conversations are different now, but still so good. He can’t get into discussions yet, but I was still asking him about things and trying to get his thoughts out. :) Cale used to find excitement being able to name the clouds. Well, while we were driving, there were some really huge puffy clouds that made me wish like crazy that I could just run and jump in them! I asked Cale what kind of clouds they were and he answered, “Cumulus!” So awesome! I love when things like that come out…it sparks so much hope with knowing that our cherished memories are still in there, they just have to find their way out! What are your road trips like? Are they loud and crazy or quiet and relaxed?

This is what the southeast part of Washington State looks like. I can’t say we live on the prettiest side of the mountains, but I just love that we have so much sunshine! We used to joke because when it snows, we have tumbleweeds that blow by! After traveling and living all over, I still love our home town the most. What about you? Do you like the heat or the cold more? Do you still live in your home town?

This is the beautiful west side of the state! It’s so beautiful, we took two pictures! I always crack up because when we leave home or we’re on our way home, it goes from dry hills, to green covered mountains or the other way around. It’s like a line that’s crossed! Cale used to say that he wanted to live somewhere that’s close to the mountains, but also close to the beach. We both love camping and hiking, so the mountains are adventures waiting to happen for us! One day we’ll be hiking and camping again! Do you like to camp in the mountains? The smell of camp fires and trees make me smile! Does it make you smile?

We finally made it to where we’re staying. This is the view from our window for the next couple nights. Right now we’re in a tiny room, but as soon as a larger room opens, they’re going to have us move. I’m trying not to pull too much out of our bags until then. Each room has a little tiny fridge and microwave, so that’s going to help a ton! The beds seem comfy too! :) Do you like traveling and staying in hotels? What’s the craziest or prettiest view you’ve had from a room window?

I told Cale he did really good with taking the pictures today and that I was really impressed. He said, "I'm going to have to start signing pictures now!" Haha!

So far we’ve played cards, eaten dinner, and watched American Idol. Cale hates the show, but he said it was fine if I had it on. Mama and I usually watch it together every week, and this week is the finale, and since we’re not together, we watched it while on the phone! Lauren sang a beautiful song at the end that made me tear up! That song is to my Mama too!

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him" (1 John 5:14-15).

Thank you so much for praying us through this journey. I was thinking near the end of our drive today how just recently, two really difficult things that I asked you to be praying for have been changed drastically! I had asked you to be praying for our road trips and even asked for ideas for the trips. I didn’t even use any of the ideas yet, because a lot of them just don’t work for Cale yet, but the last two trips have been so great!!! It doesn’t just go from him being terrible, to now great, without the power of prayer! Also, there just isn’t a way for me to explain how hard it was to get Cale to take his meds and the challenge it was each time. Sometimes I just wanted to throw the stupid pills across the room and forget it, but I knew that he had to take them. It took so much energy and emotion every day. Praise God that since I came to you last Monday night asking for prayer in this area, Cale hasn’t fought me! That’s a radical change from what we were dealing with!! That’s just two things that are recent…! That’s not counting all of his progress and how he is now an eating, walking, talking, laughing, picture-taking, game playing kind of guy! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for ALL of your prayers!!!

And thanks for coming along on our trip!


  1. Thank you for bringing us along, Kathleen. We continue to pray for you and Cale. And because of my OCD, I have to answer your questions--
    What size would your bag be? Mine would definitely be the large one.
    What special coffee or non-coffee drink do you like to get? I prefer to make my own coffee. As you now know, I'm the only one who can get it sweet enough. ;)
    What are your road trips like? Are they loud and crazy or quiet and relaxed? We definitely try to make them quiet and relaxed. I have a hard time staying calm when there are not-so-intelligent drivers around me.
    Do you like the heat or the cold more? Neither, but if I had to choose, I would go with the cold. The heat makes me very irritable.
    Do you still live in your home town? I was actually born in Seattle and lived there until I was 12, but I totally think of the Tri-Cities as my hometown.
    Do you like to camp in the mountains? I do not like it in the mountains, I do not like it near a dam, I do not like it in a forest, I do not like it Sam I Am! Okay, I kind of like it a little when we do the KBC campout, but I cheat on that one and go home to my own bed at night. ;)
    Do the smell of campfires and trees make you smile? Maybe just a little bit.
    Do you like traveling and staying in hotels? Now you're talking...My kind of camping. :)
    What's the craziest or prettiest view you've had from a room window? I loved the view from our first apartment which overlooked Bellingham bay. We would sit on the windowsills and watch the sailboat races in the summer. So beautiful and relaxing.

    Whew! I think I got them all. Not sure you were really expecting a reply, but I figured you asked... :) Love you guys. Bonnie Bennett

  2. Kathleen ! So so so happy for you about the medicine!!! Just prayed again this morning for that specific request, along with total healing of course ;) So glad Caleb could remember the clouds, I think that you are right - it's all in there just needing a new door to open it up ! God has the provision in that and HE will complete this amazing work he has started! Wow his pictures are not bad, maybe letting him fool around with the camera more will bring out some of his creative side, you never know - could be the next Angie Soules :) He may be prophetic in saying he needs to sign some of them !!!! lol Okay my sequential part must answer your questions as well, because of course - you did ask lol .....Luggage: pack alot - you never know what you may need that you didn't pack ~lol
    Coffe : Carmel latte' with only ONE shot of expresso - and one shot of chocolate ( I think they call it a MILKYWAY at the Lyric and Bella's where I usually go to get my coffee-if I have any) Roadtrips: for us have always been quite loud and crazy with 3 kids you can imagine the chaos at times, but recently have gotten considerably quieter as they girls are grown(well sort of ;) ) and don't travel as frequently with us . Trace keeps us on our toes and usually has enough imput for 3 children all on his own ;) lol We like you have lived in a variety of different climates. I grew up in upstate NY a small town called Owego, I haven't lived there in more than 23 years - still think of it fondly, but home is whereever my husband is. Living in the NNY region of upstate has given me a new understanding of COLD!!!! I love the spring, summer and fall here but hey I still miss FL and the warmth of their winters .... although Jan hates the heat so I may never see FL as a living oppotunity - I enjoyed our 10 + years there. Love the mountains, and camping - but I will say I prefer a camper,I'm just getting to old to sleep on the ground- it was fine when I was a kid, but I have "grown up" in this area... lol love love love the smell of a good campfire and the sound of it crackeling on a cool summer night - would love some campfire songs to if I don't say so myself ! I personally prefer B & B's to hotels, the best view we ever had was when in ST MARTEEN, our room overlooked the garden and the tennis courts (okay the tennis courts didn't do it for me but the garden was really pretty.) and farther out the ocean ! Wow this was long - arn't you glad you asked ~ lol Sure hope this day is going great for the two of you and that you get some awesome God surprises while you are on this trip!!!! Love ya ((())) Reenie

    5/25/11 3:43 AM

  3. You guys are just too cool!
    Thank you for taking us along.
    Triple Venti Soy No Foam latte

  4. Hannah Hayner5/26/11, 11:10 AM

    ok soooo, we have very similar tastes, must be one reason why we're such great friends! :)
    if i get a special coffee, it's almost always a peppermint mocha! once in a while, i get a hazelnut mocha too though.
    my suitcase definitely would have been the size of yours, and tony's would've been the size of Cale's.
    on our road trips, we usually try to be goofy and have fun, until one of us gets too sleepy and takes a nap!
    i don't live in my hometown anymore, but i do think it's absolutely beautiful!
    i love the smells of camping too, especially the fire and the trees! reminds me of our camping trip a few summers ago! :) that was so fun! and remember, we even managed to stop at a yard sale while we were on that trip, how much better can it get! :) now that i think about it, caleb liked to play cards a lot then too!

  5. What size would your bag be?
    I just so happen to be going on a trip. I'll send you a picture of my stuff!!!

    What special coffee or non-coffee drink do you like to get?
    Well, due to food allergies, things are kind of bland around here. But my favorite drink is Rice Dream chocolate milk! YAY!
    It is expensive, but it's better than "real" chocolate milk! I mean, I could drink the whole carton in one sitting flat without a lot of self-control holding me back!

    What are your road trips like? Are they loud and crazy or quiet and relaxed?
    After several car accidents, I get nervous when driving and also nervous when riding. I try to take it easy, but that's easier said than done. Not sure how this trip will go. I leave on Saturday.

    Do you like the heat or the cold more?
    Heat is generally easier on my joints and doesn't make me hurts so much, but I pass out quickly in the heat (found that one out the hard way last year) and I get exhausted very fast. Guess I don't care for either, if I had my druthers. Moderate temps and weather are nice.

    Do you still live in your home town?
    What home town? LOL. I've moved more than 20 times.

    Do the smell of campfires and trees make you smile?
    Oh yes! I can think of few things I like more than a campfire (and starting!!!

    Do you like traveling and staying in hotels?
    I don't know. LOL. I mean, when I was a kid and a teen I loved camping outdoors with my tent. Had a blast! But disability changes you over time. Now, camping outdoors is very painful and exhausting. Haven't camped in several years but can't give up my camping equip yet. I think an RV would be ideal. Hotels? Meh. Not my first choice - prefer a friend's house, an RV, perhaps even my tent, but they are a necessary evil I suppose. The point, when traveling, at least for me, IS NOT the hotel. :)

    Do you like to camp in the mountains?
    I definitely prefer the mountains over any other terrain. Beach camping = sand EV-ER-Y-A-WHERE-A! I'm just not interested in flat land that reminds me of pancakes. Boring. But mountains? Did somebody say MOUNTAINS?! Now I'm listening!!!

    Love you guys!!!

  6. My bag would have been inbetween yours and Cales. My favorite coffee is Toffee-nut Latte'. I like quiet and relaxed road trips. One time my son Timmy and I had a red sports car follow us about 400 miles. We thought he mistook nus for another lead car he was suposed to follow. We pulled into a rest stop. The red sports car pulled into the stop as well. When Timmy talked to the guy, the guy said you were going the speed I like to travel (85-90) and not getting pulled over. I figured if they didn't pull your van over they wouldn't pull me over either. I don't like being cold, but I don't mind being in the can dress for it up in Fairbanks, AK (my home town), BUT you can't dress for wind blowing through you while it's raining. I love camping in the mountains. Yes, smoke from a fir makes me smile. On thousand mile drives, a hotel is nice. A crazy view was heating vents and roof tops.we kept the curtains closed. You know, my friend, when you were at my house and giving Cale his meds, I remember a very calm, patient Kathleen. I love you, Marion


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