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Monday, May 23, 2011

Seattle Bound

Tomorrow we leave for Seattle…and I’m STILL not packed. Oops. I waited until after waking up this morning to attempt to put anything together that we’re taking. Maybe not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m getting through it! I still haven’t packed my clothes (which could take a while!), so I’ll throw some in my bag in the morning before we hit the road.

I’m trying to be excited. All day I’ve just been trying to think about how it’s going to feel so nice to get this out of the way and how after 5 weeks, we’ll be home and this will be behind us. I was trying to think about how good this might be for us and how it could end up being so much fun. I’m also bummed and just want to whine! I hate that we have to leave home…! It was sad gathering things that I was packing, which some of it I had just finished unpacking! Oh well, it’s gonna be Ok!

We were able to have a really great day, which was so nice! The morning was busy as I tackled my To Do list. I was doing great crossing off things, but then I started adding to it, and that wasn’t helping! After Cale was awake and we were both ready for the day, we ran a couple errands. He didn’t love doing them, but we still had fun. :)

Once we were home, Cale wanted to lie down, but didn’t end up sleeping. He decided to come back out with perfect timing because Joe and Beth showed up to hang out with us! After a while, Mike and Rachel showed up too! The girls were my motivation to pack…even though I didn’t get much done while they were here! Heehee!

When they all left, Joe took Basil while we’re gone. Joe had taken Basil back in December until we came home, so he’ll be happy being there. I’m gonna miss him though! It was even sad tonight getting ready for bed and not having Basil here! He’ll be waiting for us when we get back home! Hopefully, Joe can train him again…I seem to have corrupted the poor dog.

Oh yeah!

Today was the first day that when Cale called him, he came! Usually, Cale can’t get Basil to do anything. I think because Cale’s speech still isn’t the clearest, and there’s not enough command in his voice. Also, in the kitchen, Cale asked him to sit and Basil did! It was really neat to see and it made Cale feel pretty good!

Dennis and Kathy came for dinner. I made stuffed peppers with Italian sausage and topped with Gouda cheese…yum! I had made them in NY for Cale a couple times and before he liked them so much, but I wasn’t sure about now, and I was a little worried. I cut it up for him and let his plate cool a little and then explained what it was. He ate it! He ate almost every bite on his plate! It’s so good when he actually eats because so many meals he just doesn’t want to eat anything!

After dinner we played a game of Sorry and before we were done with the game, my sister and nephew came to visit and say good bye.

I’m ready. I can’t say that I’m 100% gung ho, but I can say I’m ready and a little excited!

Off we go!

We've been blessed with such awesome friends! We're going to miss seeing these guys so much!

Just so you know...I'm not completely a crazy dresser. I had my apron on because I had already started dinner! And, the rain boots were a must as I went out the door! ;)

Cale was pretending Dennis was a bad guy and he had to protect his mom. The cane was his weapon!

Our Sorry game. Cale was too tired to finish, but he did really well! His counting, reading, and focus has improved since the last time we played!


  1. OH so excited for you and this trip, I know you are feeling the strain of packing, going, being away, but I believe that there is going to be a monumental shift, something that you won't just see,but you will feel and KNOW. Can't say what it will be..... but believing for it ;) Caleb is making such progress, that is so awesome! You have always dressed cute - love the boots !!! Who's watching Scratch while you are gone???? Hope you are able relax while you ae gone, and that God provides a miracle in this trip that you just don't exspect -((())) love ya girl prayed for you both this morning and Adam and Amy too!!! May Peace be your true north!!!!! Praying for you ! love Reenie

    5/24/11 5:53 AM

  2. Well, I AM EXCITED for the trip. That means I get to see you soon. Oh, and as for the packing, uh, for me anyway, nothing much ever gets done except for during the last minute. :) I think your pink boots a cute!! I love the apron. Marion

  3. Praying for a healing in every way that is manifested during this trip my darlings. Hope you have all the desires of your heart this time around. As for your fashion statement - well you look mahvelous!!!.
    We love you so much. God speed and we will be praying every day!!!!!!!
    Charlie and Jean


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