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Friday, May 6, 2011

an EXCITING report!!!!!!!

Drum roll please…

My husband…my amazing, brave, awesome, full of courage, determined, hardworking, super sweet husband, used only his cane the whole trip!!! Before we left the house yesterday morning, I asked Cale if he wanted his walker. He said no that he was going to take his cane. I knew there was going to be a lot of walking, so I stuck the walker in the back of the Honda just in case. I’m proudly reporting that it stayed there the entire time we were gone! He did use my hand a lot to help with balance, but not once did he complain of being tired or it being hard. He did it and did crazy good!!! I’m so stinkin’ proud of him.

That’s my man!

It’s been so so SO good to walk and have my hand in his. I’m not sure I can fully explain how wonderful it is…kind of like eating a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup…except waaaaaay better! :) On the way home, we stopped for a bathroom break and then Cale wanted to pick out some candy to get him home. As we were standing in line, he wrapped his arm around me…it felt so good! It’s just one of those things that I’ve missed so much and everywhere I’ve gone, I’m always reminded of how much I miss it, but then, here I was getting to enjoy it-and enjoy it to the fullest I did!

The appointment today went well. The first half of it was a meeting with part of the staff to discuss what everything is going to look like and what to expect. At one point she was talking about how important it’s going to be for Cale to be drinking a lot of liquid. She first said that they prefer it to be water, but we can include juice for some of the liquid needed. Cale, at that point says, “I have an important question!” Then, he holds up a finger and asks, “Mt. Dew?” The two of us busted out laughing so hard!!! That’s the only thing he said during the whole discussion…

The second part of the appointment was the part where they had to do the CT scan to get exact measurements for the lasers and to make his mask that will help hold his head in place. I didn’t get to be in the room for the fun stuff, but before Cale was all finished, they let his picture crazy wife come get a few snap shots! I couldn’t help this one! I feel as though he could be a character in a movie!

Cale came up with a new game while we were driving home this evening. Before I passed a car, we would guess if it was a guy driving or a girl. Cale usually got it right, which was pretty neat! He liked his game a lot better than my game! Haha!

It’s good to be back in our bed. Only one night away, but oh so good to sleep in our home! The trip went good with no big surprises, but reality is that it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. Radiation is not a simple thing for our bodies to take. The area where he is getting it done is very sensitive and has to be done very precise because of the location. Cale having to where that mask and not move-at all-every day is going to be an interesting hurtle. The possible long term side effects hanging in the air, for however many years; isn’t easy to stomach. Good news is that God is a big God, a loving and powerful God. He has completed some already amazing miracles in Cale and I plan on seeing them continue! I’m going to bed tonight with so much peace about what we’re about to step into.

In a couple weeks we’re hiking up a steep part of the mountain, but once again, God’s carrying us along the way!

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. He counts the stars and calls them all by name. How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension! Psalm 147:3-5


  1. WAY TO GO CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO happy for you guys! I know that God will provide the grace for caleb to walk through this ordeal - (still praying that God would heal him completly - like now !!!)So glad you got an arm around you - the little things that WE( who read your blog) don't think about - the things that you are waiting for and longing for - those things are the chocolate icing when they come! God is filling you with desserts - puts a new meaning on Darling Desserets doesn't it ? ;) You are so RIGHT God is soooo amazingly good! He also has both arms around you and Caleb as he walks with you up the mountain and carrying you in the roughest parts - Oh What a God we serve !!! Praying for you as you embark on this new journey - I don't like that word in reguards to hard things - but for lack of a better word - I used it - love the pictures - He does look like a Super Hero in the making!!!!! Love you guys and praying for you !!!! Have a great day !!!!

  2. Kathleen, It's the little things that make or bresk our day. When it comes to expressions of love or caring, there is no such thing as a little thing. Even Father would rather have a "little smile or thank you" that was true and sincere, rather than a some way big act of feeding the mulititude in His name that was really done to show how wonderful the person is. I will trust Father for the upcoming procedure and all that follows. I love you, FATHER LOVES YOU MORE!! Marion Maybe I should look and see if I can find a "candy cane" for Cale in celebration of his walk. :)


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