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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silly Cale!

Lately Cale has been on his own time. He wakes up when he’s ready and that plan seems to help him be ready to start the day. This morning I was going to have to wake him up at 7am if he wasn’t already awake…I was a little nervous. I was finishing up getting ready right about the time I needed to get Cale up, and guess what?! He woke up all by himself at…7am!!! Awesome. This helped set the stage for the rest of the day!

As we ate our hearty bowls of cereal this morning, Cale asked several questions. I’m not sure what was causing the wheels in his brain to turn, but I liked it!

Some of his questions:

We have a half wall in our dining room that leads downstairs. Cale pointed at it and asked, “How tall is that wall?” I guessed about 4ft; he said that he disagreed and thought it was 3’9”

We were playing with our cat and Cale asked me, “Why the name Scratch?” I told him that he picked it and then he asked, “Who accepted it?” Haha! What? Uh….me?

With this darn cold, I’ve been coughing and sneezing a lot. Cale asked, “Why do sneezes get stuck in the nose?” Good question. I Googled it, but so far I only found ways to help a stuck sneeze, not the cause.

Our drive up was good! Thank you so much for praying!! I didn’t have anything different or special figured out or put together, but I grabbed a few things as we walked out the door. For a lot of the trip, Cale listened to music, which even before that didn’t last very long. I tried to play a game with him that we’ve played on all of our road trips and it happened to be one of his favorites. Well, today he told me it was boring game and who would play it? Haha…oh man!

Keep reading…he really has cracked me up today!

When we first drove up to the hospital, I asked Cale if he remembered being at this place. He said, “Yes. I was here way too long!” Everything went pretty smoothly trying to figure out where to go. They called us back for an exam, which Cale was not fond of. While the doctor was turned Cale and I were making silly faces at each other (we’ve been doing this for a while now, I think fairly early at Palo Alto! We’ve only been caught a couple times!) and then Cale started to fake punch him! I had to quickly stop that; for fear that he would turn around and see!

After we finished with the first exam, we spent about an hour in the waiting room. At one point, I was coughing and blowing my nose; all I wanted was to lay my head down. I told Cale that I just didn’t feel so great, and right after I said that, with both hands he grabbed my head and started praying for me! “Dear God…I pray for Kathleen…she doesn’t feel good…

It touched my heart to the inner, deepest part of it. He didn’t care who was around he just knew his wife wasn’t feeling so great and he was taking it up with God. Love it.

In the second part of the appointment, after some testing and questions, it was reported that Cale has healthy eyes! His retinas and optical nerves are healthy! His issue is his eyes aligning, but because of his brain stem being injured, that caused damage to the cranial nerves, which causes loss of the ability for the muscles to move the eyes. He said there’s nothing that can be done to correct it, and in most cases it heals within 3-6 months. Cale doesn’t fit into that category, so, I’m praying for healing! It can be done on God’s timing!

The place that we’re staying at tonight is the same place we’ll be staying at when we come for the 5 weeks. It’s the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and so far is really nice. The word to describe it is…clean; very clean. There are all of these special rules and everything needs to be sanitized after being touched. It’s a little crazy, but it’s ok! Well, we were in the kitchen cooking dinner (I’m already a little awkward) and I look over and see my husband sitting on the kitchen counter!! The counters were low enough that he was able to just sit without having to jump up at all. I started laughing SO hard! There were other women cooking in the kitchen (and again, everything is VERY clean!) and all I had in my head was them gasping thinking, there’s a butt on the counter!! Hahaha! Oh dear…

The last couple of days, Cale has been extra tender and sweet with me. He’s been a lot gentler and just extra sweet. We’ve been having a really good time getting to be husband and wife. I think we’ve gotten past a yucky sticky valley…and that makes me smile so big!

While we were eating dinner, we were joking about how in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, they spit on the bride for good luck. This made us start joking about weddings. After a little bit, Cale asks, “So, you gonna marry me?” I jokingly replied, “When you ask me.” Cale then in a very serious manner replies, “So…uh…do I get down on my knee?” I started laughing and reminded him that we are indeed already married! “Oh! Yay!” he says while clapping his hands. Then to top it off he adds, “News to me!” I of course made sure he knew it wasn’t news to him after 6 years!! Haha! Oh my goodness! He was getting ready to propose to me!

I was thinking earlier how amazing it is that we’re home. We’re HOME!!!! We have a back yard that Basil gets to play in, we have a bed that we share, we have a kitchen to cook in…I just love it so much! It stinks that we have to leave home for the 5 weeks that we have to be here, but I was reminded today that when we’re up here, it won’t be the same as being at the hospital and being a part from each other. We’ll be together this time! Yay! :) heehee! That makes it not as big of a deal…really.


  1. How blessed to have a man who is ready to propose again :) He may not remember the wedding, but he remmembers that he loves you. So amazing! Praying for his eye muscles, cranial nerves, and more progress :)

  2. MMMMMM, how do sneezes get stuck in the nose...could it be the little hairs up there get "stuff' stuck on them, and are wiggling, trying to get it off. That tickles our nose and we sneeze....just wondering. I love you and rejoice in how your relationship is blossoming. Hugs, Marion LOOKING FORWARD TO WHEN YOU ARE HERE LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO GET TO COME UP AND SEE YOU!!

  3. I was reading this to Trace (who is 11) and he said, "Wow mom, they are perfect for each other Caleb is proposing again - He sure does love her !) I love that a 11 year old can see it ! We can see daily how much you love Caleb how you care for him and comfort him, how you are there for him and encourage him- What a lovely picture to see HIM doing the same for you: praying for you, being silly with you, and proposing again!
    Even though you are away from home, you are together and that is something you almost didn't have a year and 3 months ago. God is so good ! I love his great mercy and goodness as it is poured over us all sticky and gooey - in a good way - we can't get it off of us! God is so faithful! Love Love Love Caleb's sence of humor!!He is amazingly funny ! laughter is Good medicine! Love to you ! Praying for a great report on Caleb's surgery also praying for the eye muscles! Prayed for you both this morning too and of course Adam and Amy - have you heard anymore about Adam's progress??? Hope all is well with them ! Love ya ((())))


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