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Monday, June 6, 2011

a few things here and there...

A few things from Cale the last couple days...

"I understand more in the day." I asked what he meant by that and he said, "I don't hear right in the morning."

"I'm smarter than I think."

Cale was flipping through the channels on TV while I was putting together our breakfast. He stopped on a channel with a cartoon for a little (very little child). A lot of times he is able to pick out what things are dumb to him and hasn't liked things that are for kids. He keeps telling everyone that he's old not a baby. Well, this little cartoon must have caught his interest because he watched it for a while! He was counting and spelling with it, if the show asked a question he would answer and if they found something or if he answered correctly, he would start clapping and cheering! It was great because he was so into it and it was helping him learn. He loved that he was able to get things right.

A couple funnies...

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  1. Well, that last one seems to answer the question, "which came first, the chicken or the egg"! Of course, we know which came first. Both are cute. Thanks for sharing. I am glad Cale had a good day. He IS smarter than he thinks. I love you and rejoice with you in what Father is doing in and through you. Hugs, Marion


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