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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A ride in the Captain’s chair!!

It has been a packed full kind of day! Yikes! I’ve got a little energy left to get out about the day, and then I’m going to be snoozing! Cale is already on his snoozing way as I type!

Our activities today started with a visit to the Pacific Science Center for PT. When I had first mentioned to Cale this morning that we were going to go somewhere, he wasn’t interested at all. He said he just wanted to go home and nowhere else. Our friends that we had dinner with Sunday night had given us a few coupons to use while we’re here, and one of them was the PSC. I knew Cale would have fun once we were there…so we went! And he had a blast! In fact, once he saw Andrea, he smiled and that seemed to be the start of a good session. This made me so happy because it was him seeing her familiar face that brought the smile…instead of a frown since she is therapy.

We didn’t get to see everything, because there is A LOT to see, but we did walk through the dinosaurs…

…and quickly visited space. There’s a thing they have set up that if you stand on it, it takes your weight and shows what you would way on the other planets.

In pounds Cale would weigh:
I’m not sure that you really wanted to know all that…but, there ya go! ;)

We also visited some really creepy insects. One of the exciting moments for Cale was getting to bond with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Before hand, I let him know that I was trying to be supportive of his manliness, but there were other opportunities that he could express in this way. He didn’t listen to my babbling, and accepted the (anything but lovely) challenge. I managed to get a couple pictures snapped before I was completely grossed out and had to exit the little covering we were in. Sanitize…oh boy did I whip out that sanitizer so fast!

After the torture of the creepy crawlers, we ventured into the butterflies. Happy place. :) One of them landed on Cale’s hand and the rest we were able to enjoy all around us! So pretty!

After we were done with the little bit we did see, we had to hurry back to the hotel and grab a quick lunch. We had 30 minutes before having to leave again for radiation. Cale is daily more and more dreading having to go to his appointments. Not too many more I reassure him, but I think that won’t be any comfort to him until we’re down to the last two!

Once we were done with his treatment and back to our room, Marion and her son Ben came to visit and chat for a couple hours. Cale and Ben stayed in the room and played cards, while Marion and I walked down to a nearby coffee shop. It was so nice and such a blessing to get that visiting time in! This was the first time since we've been in Seattle, that other than while he's sleeping, that I've been apart from Cale. I welcomed the time.

Once they were off, Cale and I had a little bit of time for the two of us to play cards and to relax. Then, we were off again!

This was an exciting adventure to end the day with…we went on a ferry! We’ve never done it, so it was extra special! The couple that we had gone to church with on Sunday morning invited us along. It was SO exciting and we were so blessed with beautiful weather! Earlier in the day when Marion and Ben were visiting, it was raining and so yucky, but when we were on the ferry, the skies were so pretty! The sun was peaking though the clouds and there was no rain!

It was an awesome time on our way to Bremerton and then we had dinner at McDonalds (Cale was super happy about that choice!). Another exciting thing happened when we went into eat. The guy behind the counter asked the group of us what he could get for us; Cale walked right up to him and started ordering!!!!!!!! He said, “I’d like a double cheeseburger…” Oh my goodess! This is HUGE!!!! He not only initiated his own order instead of waiting for me to start or needing help, but he said it clear enough to the guy, that I didn’t have to translate! WOW! I just stood there with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds and then needed to step in and help out a little, but WOW! It was SO SO SO awesome!!!

It gets better…

So, once back on the ferry to head back to Seattle, a very sweet lady (one of the employees) came over and was going to give us a tour. Because of 9/11 and all of the security changes, it’s really strict, but after being on her walkie talkie, she let us know that it was cleared to go into the room (I forget what it’s called) where the captain is! This was a big deal that he was letting us in, and we were all so excited! Once up there, we started talking to all the workers, and they were kind enough to tell us about everything. After a bit, we were able to get a picture with the Captain and then he offered his chair for Cale to sit in!!!

In the Captain's room!

With the Captain :)

In the Captain's chair!

When he did that, everyone was so surprised, and the other workers were saying, “No one ever sits in the Captain’s chair except for the Captain!” Cale loved every minute! The crew on the ferry was so wonderful and helped our night be such an amazing one!

Also, look at the stairs Cale had to go up and down to get to that room! It was a team effort, but he did so well!!

As we were at the front of the ferry, standing right next to the Captain, as he showed us the monitors and how at night it helps keep them in the water and from hitting land, I couldn’t help but think of God as our Captain and how he guides us along. I was asking him about during the summer how it is with all the other sail boats and boaters on the water. He said that it does get crazy, but they all work together, and things get interesting.

Again…thinking about life and how things get all crazy and the waters get interesting, but it’s not for the passenger to worry about! The Captain is steering in the right path, watching the commotion of all that goes on in the waters.

We just trust Him.

Praising God for such a great day. When we were all done with the tour and sitting at a table before heading back to the car, I asked Cale if he was tired. He said yes, and I added that it had been a full day. Cale then said, “and a good day.” This is the first time in so long that I’ve heard Cale be the one to say it was a good day! If he’s asked, usually he says it’s been bad, unless in that moment is good and then he’ll say it was good, but never has he said it without being questioned if it was good or bad! Praise God that he said it was good!!!


  1. Cale,
    I want to tell you what a pleasure it was to have you come up and visit the pilothouse on the ferry. You really made my day. It's a long climb up here but you made it, just like I know you will conquer any other challenges ahead. You are an inspiration to me and I thank you for that. God bless you.
    Captain Brown

  2. My kids,
    I am so proud of the both of you...Cale you are getting stronger and stronger every day and our prayers are coming through every day in your walking and talking,.I know some of the stuff you have to do isn't very fun but it is only to make you better and to make you stronger..Kathleen..oh my girl woooooooooooowww...what a grand day you had and how can we see the improvements in that man of yours..Don't gove up. Stay on course and stay encouraged. We are praying every day and more for you. We love you so very very much.. Oh I don't think I have ever told you thank you for all the pictures you post...We LOVE!!!!!!! looking at them, at you guys and at all of your adventures....
    Charlie and Jean

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! I am so excited for you. Ben and I saw rainbows on the way home. We kept saying to each other, they are having sun-breaks for the ferry. It's going to be great. I am so proud of Cale. He did so good yesterday. Ben had such a good time with him. They kept passing high fives when the games were won. The Captain's chair, boy am I going to have to salute him when I see him next time. :) Like you said, yesterday was just the TIP of what Gad is doing in Cale's healing. Seeing those stairs Cale had to climb, well, they are a picture of what climbing Cale is doing in his recovery. His making it to the top is, again, a picture of where he will be in his recovery. I love you, Marion I just looked at the other writings. WOAH!! The Captain even wrote Cale. There is a wonderous memory for you, one Cale will enjoy in days to come.

  4. So, once again, I have cried tears of joy for you... over Cale ordering at McDonalds! Making it up those stairs and back down again on the ferry, and the Captain allowing him to sit in his chair. What a great analogy of our Father!
    When TBI families are told that no more recovery happens after a year, I always cringe, and I talked to the docs about it. I always encourage my families to pray, and to work hard. I believe that part of Cale's continued progress is because of your faithfulness to keep working, G-d is rewarding that hard work that you both are doing!
    ~ Heather


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