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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a rocket and an "uh oh!"

My Wednesday morning started out so wonderful! I love so much getting to sit outside in the fresh air, dig into scripture…and watch Basil run around the yard! Also, Wednesdays are date day with Mama. It’s the week of VBS, which, I was really hoping Cale and I were going to get to help out a little, but so far we haven’t been free in the evenings with pictures and therapy! I’m thinking tomorrow we can hop over (Cale might prefer to walk…) and see if there is anywhere we can get in on all the action! :) Mama is leading crafts this year and that kind of made our date time, uh…interesting. We cut away preparing for one of the crafts! I still loved it, especially since we’ve hardly seen each other since I’ve been home!

My day stayed really busy after our date, but mine wasn’t the only busy day! Cale had two therapys today. First was OT. As soon as she walked in the door and reached Cale, his arm went up and back to wave hello…and his glass of chocolate milk went everywhere. So, the session started with Kathleen on her hands and knees cleaning milk up, while chiming in when needed! It started out with a lot of talking, and Cale still isn’t able to tolerate very much of this. One of the questions she asked Cale was what he wanted to get better at and what his goals were. Cale said, “Anything athletic.” He wants to be active again so bad! When he hit his “done” point with all of the talking, I was able to sit on the deck and talk about goals, plans, ideas, and a lot more stuff thrown in with his therapist. I love getting to do that and figure out what their thoughts are along with letting them know mine.

Mostly, I LOVE getting to hear them talk about how good Cale is doing! How can I not?!

Before she left, she walked with Cale around the neighborhood and had Cale take some pictures. He’s really been in to photography lately, so we’re going to see if that goes anywhere. This made me laugh pretty hard because my niece just had on her Facebook status, “people take a picture of a tree & automatically think they're deep photographers.” Haha! Well, I don’t think Cale thinks of himself as a deep photographer, but maybe this can become something that helps him! :) Love you Caitlin!

After OT, we had enough time for a couple games, lunch, and then his social worker came. Since he doesn’t tolerate all the talking and at this point he still doesn’t have the full awareness and understanding of everything, she’s going about things differently…and I love it! She’s awesome! She brought stuff for Cale to build a rocket! They worked for 2 hours-2 HOURS on it!!! This is insane for Cale. No joke. I haven’t seen him this engaged with a task since before the accident! Even on things that normally he would usually love. This was also after he had already done 1.5 hours for OT AND was saying he was so tired up until she came. I was nervous about how things were going to go, and then amazed at how they did!

Blog post interruption…

In 0.5 seconds, my computer was taken over by a creepy virus that attacked in a vicious way. “Oh no! Uh oh! And, Ooops!” Are some of the phrases that came out in quiet squeals since Cale was sleeping. “This is no good…!” was another phrase that came out.

Normally, my man would be the very one that I would call upon to help me out of this not-so-great situation. Even while he was deployed, over yahoo chat he was able to save my computer and be the amazing husband that he still is. This time, I immediately started texting our friends; TJ and Joe to be specific. They’ve been so great in bailing me out of quite a few fiascos since the accident…

Things weren’t looking so good for a bit, and honestly, I was thinking my poor computer was maybe dead. We had bought this computer in 2008 on cyber Monday. Cale helped me build it online and made sure to find me a pink computer. Well, since then it’s been through a couple crashes and on the way back from NYC this last time, I did something to the inside. For a couple days when I would turn it on it sounded like an explosion was going to take place. Yes, this machine has been through a lot, but it’s still going. When the time comes to buy a new one, I’ll have no idea where to start. Cale was the one that picked out the laptops and made sure not to get stuff we didn’t need, but also make sure we got the good stuff.

Any who…

When Cale woke up from his nap, I said, “Guess what I did?” Want to know what he said? “You broke your computer?” Haha! Oh man! This guy cracks me up! “Yes, I did! I got a virus.” He then said, “Oh no! What kind?” When I told him I didn’t know, but it was bad, he said, “Let me see, I can fix it!” I would love if it would have been one of those moments when he goes on automatic, but it wasn’t so. In fact he was very intrigued with the boxes all over my screen and reading the “Warning!” sign. ;)

This is the picture Cale snapped of me while waiting for help to come!

When Joe came, he worked for a bit and wasn’t getting anywhere. The computer was really locked up and wouldn’t let us into anything. Joe seemed pretty confident, so I wasn’t worried…well, maybe a little. After a bit, Joe’s face looked surprised and then confused. Hmm…there’s hope! Well, yes indeed! He was able to get it all set back up!! Yay! He’s the man that saved the day! :)

Tonight, I’m so thankful for all the super crazy amazing people that have been a HUGE help to me. From everyone helping get the house ready, TJ constantly fixing my blog mishaps, Sonny hanging with Cale for a weekend, Joe fixing the computer, to the men putting up railings down the stairs outside and fixing the deck-we are so blessed. These are just a few things that are sticking out, but there is SO much more! Thank you!

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  1. My Timmy's compooper had a virus two different times. The second time he had it wiped, it stayed fixed maybe....three weeks. He ended up having to buy a new one. Hey!!!!!! Maybe we will call Joe if something happens again!!!!! I love you, Marion


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