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Saturday, July 2, 2011

dates with moms.

It is very common for people that have brain injury to not be able to think outside of themselves. It’s much like a toddler in that way and it’s not something to be held against them. With Cale’s injury and the severity of it, this has been another one of those daily hurtles. The first time he ever initiated asking if I needed help was when we were in Seattle the first time back in March. It was such a huge deal and I remember being overwhelmed with such a simple moment.

At first, nothing like that happened again. This is also very common that something will happen once and then take a while to see it again. Well, lately, Cale has been showing a lot of thinking about me and not just him! Starting with last week when I wasn’t feeling good, he took care of me by letting Basil in. The whole day didn’t quite go that way, but that one moment was super sweet. Also, he knew I wasn’t doing so good, so he stayed in bed with me rather than complain and try to get up on his own.

This morning, he had to wake me up so I could help his blind self to the bathroom. I really don’t mind doing it because it’s such a blessing that he’s at a point that normally I wouldn’t have to and I actually am right next to him to help him. Well, on our way to the bathroom, Cale said, “Girl, I’m sorry.” When I asked why he was sorry he said, “For waking you up.”

Once we were back in bed, he said, “Thank you.” He seems to be saying that a lot more lately in moments that aren’t an automatic time. He’s actually thinking and initiating it!! This is a big deal in his recovery and also a big deal for this girl’s heart! Who would have thought that two simple words could mean so much?!

Very cool.

Our Saturday was mostly spent a part from each other. Cale spent the day with his mom; playing games, and having fun. And I spent the day with Mama. We were able to run some errands and found some good deals on a few things I’ve wanted to get for the house. We both loved getting to spend time with our moms, but we missed each other too! After picking Cale up to bring him home, I asked how his day was. He said, “Good. A little good.” When I asked why only a little good he said, “I missed you lots.” Awww! My goodness! :)

If you think about it the next two days, please be praying for all the men and woman that are in (or have been in) the military that struggle with PTSD. This weekend is so hard for so many of them because of the sound of the fireworks sounding like explosions. When I was in NYC, I heard a couple women talk specifically about how hard it is for their husbands and how they have crazy nightmares and terrible flashback episodes. My heart hurts for these families and all that they face after war!


  1. Yes, my sweet Kathleen, I do pray for our heroes and their healing. My heart hurts when I think of what they went through, and are going through for my/our freedom. Bless God, for Cale's recovery and his getting to share sweetness with you once more. Pretty soon, there won't be long time between. I love you and your sweet husband. Hugs, Marion

  2. Kathleen Love it that Caleb is thanking you - It's no wonder you love to hear it and it means so much ~ God loves it too" Enter his gates with Thankgiving..." So glad you had fun with your mommas, love you guys!!!! praying for you and Caleb !!!!!! ((())) Reenie

  3. Thank you is so important ~ "Enter his gates with THANKSGIVING" If God likes to hear it ~NO WONDER we do too!!!! Praise the Lord !!! So glad that Caleb remembers !!! Love you guys and praying for you - Glad you had such good times with your mommas!!! Have a great 4th - and I will pray for the soldiers - never thought of that BUT now I surely will !!!! ((())) Blessings Reenie

  4. I though it disappeared but it came up after I wrote it again !!!! oops ;)


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