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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prayer Changes Things.

To begin tonight, I’m going to brag. Yes, full bragging rights! My handsome, sweet, adorable, loving, crazy, amazing, wonderful, stubborn, determined husband is awesome. No joke.

He had two therapy’s today and he didn’t want to do either one; he did though. He didn’t just do the therapy; he did great through both of them and worked REALLY hard. Both therapists pulled me aside to tell me how impressed they were with him!!! He is really pushing himself and I’m seeing such huge changes that I can hardly stop smiling!

For me, it’s been so great having the therapy at home! It allows me to be a part of it without having to be 100%. I was able to get some cleaning done in my bedroom and some paper work stuff done, that I haven’t been able to make time for. At the same time, I was able to listen and watch part of his session. It helps so much!

In OT, they did some testing. He had done some testing along the same lines when we were in Palo Alto. Today his OT said that he did so well! At one point I heard her ask him if he wanted to keep going or take a break and he told her he wanted to keep going! On one of the questions, he was having a hard time and she could see his frustration level rising. She suggested they skip that question and she kept going. After a few seconds, Cale said, “Nope” and turned back to the problem they skipped until he figured it out!!! WOW!!! That is so exciting to hear! I’m so proud of him!

Then, in PT Joe came again to be a part of it. I took advantage of the time and ran to the store to grab some things that I really needed and let them play on the Kinect. Cale also was on the elliptical for 15 minutes and Joe said that he had it set to 5 for resistance. Normally he does 10-12 minutes at 3! He hasn’t been on the elliptical for a while because he hates it, but it sounded like they didn’t have much of a fight from him!

Both of these therapies were about 2 hours…and he did it! He did his best! I’m so so, SO very proud of him!!!

In between therapy we went to his moms work and had a picnic with her. It was fun to have lunch outside in the sun! I need to work on helping Cale up and down off the ground though…!

Some things Cale has been saying lately…

I grabbed a piece of food off his plate the other day and very quickly he said, “Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing?” I told him I was just tasting his and then he said, “With your hands? No. Use a fork!” Bahahaha! He thought I wasn’t being very proper! ;)

C: “Do you want me to commit suicide?” K: “What? No!” C: “Then get me some steak!” I guess he knows what he wants! Too bad we can’t have steak…every meal!

We were leaving the house the other day and I was hanging out around Cale trying to be a help without him knowing it. He still gets tripped up very easily with his cane. Cale said, “I’m ok.” K: “I know, I’m just hanging out.” C: “I’m ok. Get in the car and back it up.” Haha! Uh…yes sir! I laughed so hard! He had me back up so the door was where he was standing and then he gave me a thumbs up to let me know I could stop there!

This morning when he was getting washed up for the day, his eyes were bothering him and he was having another nose bleed. After me fussing with him trying to get everything better he said, “What’s wrong with me?” K: “What do you mean?” C: “I always feel bad.” Oh man! My heart broke for him! Poor guy…

I had myself quite the start to a “poor us” moment this morning. With Cale feeling so yucky and watching everything happen to him, I kind of just started listing off (half praying, half talking to myself) how he has severe tbi, and then had to go through a pretty rough surgery…and then go through miserable radiation, AND then now his nose is so irritated, his eyes hurt him constantly and his hair is falling out…anything else?! Ahhh! I just wanted to scream, “when is it going to be enough?!?!” But I stopped myself. Not because I don’t feel as though God can take my screaming or anger because I have been there and done that. Not because I don’t recognize the size of load that all of this is, but because prayer changes things.

Listen, I’m not at all-AT ALL-saying that I’m perfect and have this all figured out. By golly, you’ve seen my ups and downs and all arounds every day on this blog. What I’m saying is that when we speak to God, when we enter into communication (for real-not just speaking words), it changes our hearts. There is something so unexplainable that happens when we share our heart with the Lord.

Do you ever notice how when something really bad happens; a life threatening moment, people cry out to God for help? “Oh Dear God!” they scream into the crisp air of what was to them just moments before-nothingness.

There is power in prayer and when God hears our hearts and our pleas, when we invite Him to see our secret box that is filled with things that maybe no one else is allowed to see-it changes us.

Cale has come so far. Through every step that we’ve had to face through all of this, we have been so incredibly blessed. There’s story after story and miracle after miracle. Was it because I was strong and fought through everything? No. It was because time after time I was on my knees. It was because so many of you have lifted our names before the throne and cried out for healing and comfort. It’s because God is real and He hears every word spoken whether we want him to or not. It’s because prayer changes things.

More and more I’m seeing different situations and realizing that who I am, is not “normal.” To face what I’ve faced and handle things the way that I have is not “common.” And the only-ONLY reason I can say that it is what it is, is because of the power of prayer starting with my first prayer so many years ago of accepting Jesus into my heart and laying down my right to act any other way.

The deep passionate indescribable love that I have for my husband-even with all that we’ve had to go through-even with him as a child for so long (which we’re starting to move out of…I think!), is because prayer has changed my heart-in a way that only prayer can.

So while we were out today, you’ll understand why I had to add a new piece to our home! Great thing was, it was only a couple bucks!

Love it.

After all the serious stuff…I have a really, um, well…a Kathleen moment to share with y’all…

I was at the store during Cale’s PT, just enjoying getting to take my time and not worry about having to rush through. With just a few things on my list, I was really taking my time getting everything. While walking down one of the aisles, I looked up and at that same time, an older lady looked my way and pointed. She was smiling and the way the whole thing happened, I had in my head that I must know her (I just couldn’t think of how). I smiled back and said a very happy hello, and waiting to see the people that she was pointing at and how I knew them. She said a very friendly hello back and then a younger girl turned the corner and in my head I made it out to be a girl that I know, until the guy that followed wasn’t her husband. Eh. I still gave a really big smiley hello to them, “Hi guys!!” and continued to walk to the older lady. Those two had kind of walked passed and given me a weird look, so I thought maybe they were shy to this lady their grandma is waving down. I walked right up to her saying hi again and gave her a big hug. She hugged back while saying, “I was just showing these two kids there was a cart we could use down this aisle.” At that time, everything clicked. She wasn’t pointing at me, she had been pointing at the empty cart behind me, and this woman who I just hugged had NO idea who I was! I awkwardly walked away and hid.

I had to call Rachel right away because I couldn’t believe what just happened. She was at work so I left her a message…I just couldn’t stop laughing. Tonight when I was telling Mama about it, I was laughing so hard tears were running down my cheeks. Who am I?!

Oh dear.

This song is really good, so I thought I’d share it with ya!


  1. hahahaha oh my goodness, i just laughed really hard at your story! that is so great! hahahaha another moment i wish i had been there for, but i can totally picture it!

  2. Hannah Hayner7/2/11, 6:03 AM

    i didn't mean to write H on the above comment. it's Hannah! :)

  3. Go Cale, you keep on keeping on. Kathleen, well, I won't say keep on keeping on with hugging stangers, BUT laughing at ourselves...that's a good thing. As for me, well, lets just say, there's plenty of material. I love you, Marion

  4. I read your story out loud to my mom and we both laughed! My mom said, "No worries... how could that lady possibly be offended at that? She probably made her day!" I told her I was going to comment and she added, "Tell Kathleen that she can make that mistake with me any day!" Haha!

  5. Who are you? You are you!!! One of the sweetest funniest people I have ever met..That was great..Please let Cale know that we are praying for him.We love you both so much and just know there is a special special place in heaven for both of you..Imagine what your mansion is going to look like Leena...

  6. Your story reminds me of a time that my sisters and I were at the mall and we thought we saw of friend of our grandma's. We tried calling her name, but she didn't hear, so my sister chased her down (actually ran!) and tapped her shoulder. When she turned around, it was a total stranger, so she just smiled and said, "Uh...hi, your not Marion!"
    It's always fun to read someone else's story too!

  7. KALTHLEEN!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Oh my gosh, I've so done stuff like that - all the time! I was thinking, "Why isn't this me?!" LOLOL! Thanks for the HUGE LAUGH - I needed that, as it's been such a rough day for me.

    Sarah Bosse


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