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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The weekend.

I have been totally and completely spoiled this weekend!

I was able to hang out with Rachel-always love.

I found even more tasty Farmer’s Market finds-yum.

After finally realizing that as much as I desire it; I do not have long thick luscious hair. I chopped it off-not too short though.

I had some much needed relaxing time with Mama-needed.

Did some more writing for the book-oh man.

I had a movie night with Cale (even though he played with the ipad and Basil through the whole thing…)-Yay for cuddling!

Awesome church service this morning-Praise God for all that He’s doing!

Successful Costco trip-woot.

More relaxing; including reading another magazine-I’m enjoying this “relaxing” stuff.

Found this video on Youtube of one of the songs we sang at church this morning-My heart was singing every word this morning to the Lord. Love this song-I really encourage you to listen to all the words.

In bed early and gonna cuddle right up to my husband–always, always, ALWAYS good.


  1. Kathleen, You are just what I needed tonight. I was having....uh.....opportunities to walk in Father's love. I didn't do so good. I am sooooo glad you had a rejuvinating time. BUT I HAVE TO SAY NO FAIR, you told us about the haircut, and didn't show us a picture. I love you, Marion

  2. I will get one on Marion! :) I'll have Cale take one today!

  3. I love your new blog it is so pretty. Glad you had some time with your mom and friend this weekend, take care, Jean

  4. I'm with Marion - post a picture ASAP! :)


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