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Monday, August 1, 2011

Around the Bend...we go!

Ladies and Gentlemen…

4 months ago Mr. &Mrs. Darling walked into their home. Can you believe it?! With just minus 4 weeks with us being back up in Seattle, we’ve been home, sleeping in our bed; living in our home for 4 months! I just really think that is the grandest thing! :) As I walk through the hall and into each area of the house, I feel like a volcano of thankfulness erupts. We are so blessed to be able to live here for now and to have a place to call home. Every minute has been great, but I can’t say it’s been easy. We’ve had our stampedes of emotions and challenging situations, BUT we’ve also experienced blessing after blessing and watched miracle after miracle unfold. Totally amazing-all of it.

We’ve been playing a lot of Yahtzee lately. Cale also has a set of dice that stays out that he’ll just roll and try to get the different points. This morning on his first roll, he rolled a large straight. The very next roll he rolled a full house. I pointed out how crazy it was and he replied with, “I’m a Yahtzee maniac!” Haha! He’s a crazy maniac… ;)

On Saturday while I was gone to the Farmer’s Market and getting my hair cut (I know I was supposed to post a picture, but without thinking when I was getting ready this morning, I wore it up!) the Rehab Specialist stayed with Cale. One of the activities they did was shopping for things to put in a package to one of Cale’s Sergeants who is deployed. Today we went to the post office and sent it off! Cale did such a great job with the package and mailing it today brought back a flood of memories when I would do the same for him. So good to have him back next to me!

Tonight Cale had PT in the pool again. This seems to be the best thing for him right now and we are incredibly blessed to have a pool so available! He didn’t take a nap this afternoon, which normally he really needs because everything takes so much effort that he just gets so worn down. Even though he was tired, he had an awesome session!! He was doing squats with Carly and at one point they went down together and came back up and Cale said, “Watch.” And then did the squat again but went lower! He had to show that he could go even lower! Towards the end, she asked him if he needed a break or was tired and every time he would say no. I love that he’s pushing himself. I am SO proud of him!!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. -1 Colossians 4:2

Prayers Please! Tomorrow we start trying Cale in the house ALL by himself!!! They’ve done testing with him and he passed 100%. So the next step the RS will sit out on the deck and for a period of time, he’ll be in the house as if no one is here. I’m nervous-can’t help it…It’s time though. I think it’s a great time to see how things go. While the RS is outside, she’ll be watching though windows and documenting how he does. Oh man…

I’m not sure I can completely help you understand the level of um…AMAZINGNESS that this is. Cale has come so far and has done things that were never supposed to happen. He’s beat the odds that were stacked up miles high against him, but (I was given this “but” in NC in March during the visit to Pitt Memorial) he still needs 24/7 care and will always need it. He needs help to bathe, eat, be entertained, and more. So…what is about to happen?!

The highest mark that has been drawn on Cale’s recovery is being challenged. If he can get to a point that he can be alone for an hour…

Wow. I just, I can’t even finish…

Thank you sweet Jesus.

Around the Bend
It’s a matter of fact, and record, too,
Most mountains we climb bring another in view!
Each battle we wage, each goal we defend
Brings forth a new challenge around the next bend…
For life is a series of trials to be met,
Yet, if we’re determined and never forget
To do what needs doing, be just and be kind,
Be honest and caring, then surely we’ll find…
The mountains worth climbing,
The effort worthwhile,
The rewards beyond measure…
When we complete the last mile.
-Vi B. Chevalier

I received this poem in the mail today and found it quite fitting :)

Has anyone else noticed the stunning progress in Cale lately?!?!


  1. My Sweet Kathleen, With our God ALL things are possible. I look forward to hearing how Cale does. Yes, I have noticed the stunning progress Cale has made. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and Cale, Marion

  2. Can't you feel the Father's love? Perhaps it was the healing from the surgery, and then the radiation which stimulated healing in his nearby brain. Even the hard things can be used for His purposes. His love showers us like the sun, the rain, the dew. Kathleen H.

  3. Oh my goodness, how could we not notice it! He's working so hard and God is doing such amazing things in a man who wasn't even supposed to be able to walk or eat solid food on his own. INSANE! Give Cale big hugs from us and tell him we miss him. We need to set up another skype soon, get a phone call done or something!

    Miss you and love you bunches!!


  4. Marion: Yes ALL things are possible. That has been blasting in my heart since the beginning! I LOVE getting to witness it!

    Kathleen H: I'm not sure if that as it or idea, but I do know it's amazing! :)

    Nikki: YES!!! Skype would be great so Cale could see Ty!

  5. Kathy Beckett8/2/11, 7:28 AM

    I am so excited to read about this next challenge for Cale. I will be praying for this session and Cale's ability to make good decisions while in the house alone. I can't wait to see the hair! Praying for your endurance and strength as you relive your experiences in writing the book. I love you!


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