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Monday, August 15, 2011

Friend Fun!

Busy day!

And soooooo good! :)

Mike and Rachel were in town and I ended up getting to spend quite a bit of time with them…totally love it! We had a really good time together and of course went…

Go Karting! We had a blast!!

This evening I went to a women’s ministry meeting and Cale went to our neighbor’s house. Right after the meeting, I checked my phone and had two pictures with writing that I have to share…


Two boys are reading the same book, wearing the same colored shirt, on the same couch. The difference between them…


Cale is still wearing pants.

Oh man! This cracked me up!

Here are a few funny, touching, great conversations with Cale...

Yesterday Cale was at the table eating breakfast and I was in the other room. He called for me and when I came to the table he said, “I choked.” I responded with a stream of questions, “are you ok?” “You’re choking?” “Can you breathe?” To which he responded, “Choked. That’s in the past.”

Saturday night we were lying in bed and heard sirens. As we always try to do, we prayed for everyone involved. It was quiet for a minute or two and then Cale broke the silence with, “I’m sad.” When I asked why he was sad, he said, “Someone’s hurt.”

Last night as we were getting settled for bed, once again the discussion of having a baby came up. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation played out, but at one point Cale said that he knew why we couldn’t have one right now. I asked what he meant and he said because he couldn’t take care of a baby. At that point I turned and faced and asked again what he way saying. This simple conversation became a big moment when Cale replied, “I’m hurt.” My heart broke and was overjoyed at the same time. He said he was hurt! This is the first time that he has on his own recognized that he is hurt! I responded to him by saying, “I think even though you’re hurt that you’re going to make a really great daddy (whenever it's time).” He of course agreed!

With this being a hot topic in the Darling home, you’re probably going to be reading lots of baby conversations… :)

I love getting to be home and so close to my sweet friend Rachel. I just really think it's great getting to see her so often! :)


  1. You know mike will need to be sporting lots of OU woman's basketball if his cousin goes there in 4 years!!

    The fact Cale told you he is hurt brought tears to my eyes!! Praise God!!!

    Casey Q
    Aunt to Mike and Rachel

  2. The 'choked' comment made me laugh out loud. Cale is so funny, like adult-sense-of-humor funny! I know you said he was a really goofy and hilarious guy before the accident, it sounds like that's coming through more and more!

    Very wonderful that he recognized his limitations. Very sad, but with recognition hopefully will come more determination. Praying for you two!!!

  3. Casey & Maegan: Yes! It was sad that he had to come to that point, but those moments are what we've been waiting for! Break through!! :) He has been cracking me up! I wish I did a better job of writing it all down to share!

  4. Rebekah Berthet8/19/11, 7:03 PM

    I read the "choked" story to Joel and he was laughing..he said "choked...that's in the past..that guy is too funny"! :) Love you guys, and hoping for a visit to NY to be in the near-er future!

  5. Rebekah: I'm really hoping to come soon! I have a few more details to work out and then I think it might happen! :)

  6. Sweet Kathleen, I love Cale's sense of humor. I see Father's healing hand all over this. His recognition of being hurt is another BIG sign of Father's healing hand on Cale. I love you, Marion

  7. Oh, I LOVE those pictures of Cale and the little guy. :) Marion


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