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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the go!

We have been on the go! I think I'm really feeling it because of today, and at this moment I can hardly remember yesterday! Haha...oh dear sleep is calling my name!

Let me think...

Oh yes! Yesterday I had a couple phone appointments. One of them was a conference call with all of his therapists. It's so different from the days where I dreaded and was always nervous about these meetings. Now, they're all full of excitement! Some really good news that I received was that we were accepted to continue this program until November 11! This is HUGE!!!! His therapy program was supposed to end on the 24th this next week, but now we'll have it for a few more months. Yay! I'm super excited, but I can't say Cale feels the same way. ;)

The other phone appointment was Cale's doc. We had been discussing the possibility of weaning Cale off the seizure meds, but after consulting with the neurologist, it looks like we're going to have to wait for about a 1.5 years. I did request to have his med option looked at. Right now he's on two different seizure meds and takes 5 very large pills twice a day and 3 of those pills in the afternoon as well. That's not including his anti-depressant. Within the next couple months we'll be heading back to Seattle to meet with the neurologist and get everything figured out!

I was also VERY spoiled with a pedicure yesterday. September invited me to join her and treated me to what I have to say was the best pedicure I've ever had!! It included some really good massage, hot stones, mud mask, and then the normal stuff on top. It was so nice and great to get some girly time in too! :)

The day was finished with PT. We have been wanting to try mini golf with Cale all summer and it just hasn't happened. We finally gave it a shot and it started out good, but didn't take long to go downhill. Cale needs success and trying to mini golf didn't offer that so easily. Although, to brag a little, he actually made a hole in one on the last hole we played!! It was so cool! Then, the last hole (19th) they have it set up that if you make a hole in one then you get a free game...and he did! I think we had made it to the 7th hole before he was done and wanted to leave, so we just skipped ahead to the end. I'm glad we gave it a try and hopefully next time will be better!

Today started out really relaxing. Basil woke me up at 6am and then I started the day with house stuff and watering the flowers (I love all my flowers!) outside. After waking myself up with the "chores" I spent some time with the Lord. This morning I listened to a sermon that was done last year at our church in NY. I was so encouraged and challenged by the end of it. God's word is so powerful and when you put a group of people together that are living it...whoa. It's so awesome to see what's being done through an extremeley amazing body of believers there. I can't wait until Cale and I can get back to visit! I was planning on soon, but after looking at tickets, well, ouch! We'll get it figured out and back there soon (hopefully!).

Around 9:30am, I crawled back into bed with my sleepy husband. I had heard him up a little before that, but when I walked in the room, he was out! I love getting to cuddle and hold each other, so I let myself take extra time this morning. Everything felt handled for the rest of the house and the only therapy was this evening. I ended up falling back asleep until 11am!!!! Cale was still snoozing right along with me! I couldn't believe it. The ONLY reason I even woke up was from a phone call. Around 8:30 I had called the doctor and left a message about needing to bring Cale in. Well, the nurse called back and when I explained the situation, she said, "can you be here in 15 minutes?" Uh...Oh my! The two of us had bed head and stinky breath, but I quickly jumped out of bed and told Cale we had to go! We brushed teeth and smoothed hair and out we went.

That was the start to a day of on the go!

The rest of the day I was in and out of the house so much. Most times I was out longer than in. It wasn't a bad day, just draining.

One of the errands was a trip to the grocery store. It was completely different today than it has ever been. A couple times I had to step back and process how great Cale was doing! It started with him being very willing to go with me. That was already a surprise and I knew that he must not remember what he was getting himself into. Next was him being excited to push the cart...interesting. THEN, he proceeded to pick things out that he wanted (all junk), try to name some fruit (wasn't able to get any right, but he tried!), keep a good attitude and didn't once complain of being tired or bored. At the point that we were heading to check out, I was thinking about how I couldn't believe what a good trip it was, but then, but then it happened-after that long trip around the store, Cale took control. See, I'm a recipe junkie. I don't ever get to make all the recipes I want to because Cale won't eat them and sometimes to a point making two meals all the time is a waste. I can't help myself when I'm in the checkout line and there are all of these magazines that are packed full of really super yummy recipes that are waiting for me to make and eat. So, we get up there and my first reaction is to start looking through one.

As soon as the lady in front of us moved up, Cale moved from around the front of the cart to the side where I was standing and asked me to move! He then grabbed one thing after the other and placed it on the belt to be sent to the cashier. Incredible! I thought someone was going to have to shovel up my jaw that was stuck to the floor at that point.

He also has an infected ingrown toe nail that will have to be taken care of-poor guy! We've been watching his toe not sure of what it was, but it has just gotten worse. Even though he hates going to the doctor, I knew I needed to. It ended up eating away half our day, but it was so worth going. Now we can get him healed up!

He had PT again tonight, but this time we stayed inside and worked on the elliptical, bike, and some stretch bands. I thought because of the long day and how he was acting that it was going to be a really light session and short, but he ended up working SO hard! He impressed me by far!

Now he's next to me sleeping :)

He said to me earlier today that he was crazy in love with me...don't women just need to hear that from their husbands? I know I needed it today! He couldn't remember my name just a short time before that, but none of that matters and goes out the window when he follows it with statements like that!


  1. love how he is just improving leaps and bounds. As I was explaing "shock and awe" I have a feeling that is exactly how you felt at the check out line. Love it!!

    Casey Q

  2. Casey: Yes... "shock and awe" explains perfectly! :)

  3. Oh, HOW WONDERFUL!! I am so delighted for you. My husband almost NEVER goes shopping with me. I am still waiting for my honey to take me mini golfing...or whatever it's called. I have only ever done it once. Like Cale, I got a hole in one. YEAH!!! I love you, Marion


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