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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Glimmers of Hope…

There have been so many things changing in Cale lately…so many surprises. It’s like biting into a truffle and getting the yummy surprise goodness in the middle. The truffle itself is amazing, but then, there’s more to enjoy; more to make your taste buds dance…yep. Kind of like that!

He had speech today, which, was good for me because that gave me time to experience another successful trip to the Farmers market. I’ve been trying to go as much as I can so we can have fresh yummy food in the house. Cale loves fruit!

When I came home with all of my sweet finds, Doreen went over how the session went. She said that for an hour they worked just on word finding! Oh man! This is one area that Cale normally (including during the session yesterday) can’t tolerate. It causes his brain to work so hard that he ends up just shutting down. An hour? That’s crazy!!! Not only did he work that long on it, but he did great! Look at my smarty pants of a husband…love him.

After the speech we went to his moms and hung out with her and Dennis. We chilled and had a good relaxing time with them. Read this carefully…its good stuff. On the way to their house, our windows were down and the breeze was brushing against our skin; the radio was playing an old Switchfoot album, and we were singing right along. On 395 there are always semi trucks. Any loud noise like a semi, loud diesel trucks, my blender, my blow dryer, the jets from the boat races, all of these sounds bother Cale really bad. It gets so bad that it puts him in a bad mood almost instantly. On our drive, one semi passed and then another…Cale rolled up his window and then kept singing. This is one of those statements that I want you to read and understand how HUGE of a deal it is-there was no anger, inappropriate reaction, or trying to get me to fix the problem. He was singing, and then he solved the problem that was getting to him and continued singing! Oh me oh my!!

Another surprise happened not too long after.

We stopped at the store on the way home from his moms to pick up a few things. We were looking for the hand soap and while looking, I realized I still needed to call Mama to ask a question. I was distracted with her on the phone as we walked right by a lady that worked there. She asked if we were finding everything ok and I kind of nodded with a smile while listening to Mama on the phone-and then it happened. A surprise that was so good I wanted to stop right there and in the middle of the aisle, explain everything to the innocent employee about how special that brief moment was.

He asked her where the hand soap was.

I didn’t ask him to ask, in fact, I hadn’t even said in the previous couple minutes before that, what we were looking for. I was distracted-he was focused.


These moments are the surprises in the middle of something already so amazing.

Big things are starting to happen.

I’m loving every minute of it.

Once you choose hope, anything's possible. -Christopher Reeve

*side note...
Our DVD player for some reason automatically puts subtitles on our movies. I've gone to the menu to try to turn them off, but nothing changes. When they're on I end up watching them and miss the movie! I have to force my eyes and really focus on not just reading the subtitles. Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. First off, love your picture of ya'lls toes, so cute! I'm so happy his recovery is going well and you are getting to see him making all these positive steps forward! That is such an amazing thing. God has good plans for you two.

  2. Cale and Kathleen,
    It is amazing how well Cale is doing and I am so grateful. There are several TBI's I follow and what Cale is doing is truly amazing. I am so thankful for all the people who have helped you along the way and the different therapies he is receiving. God is good!

  3. My husband needs the subtitles. So when it does happen automatically and he's not there, I guess I don't notice it so much. WOAH, GIRL!!! Is that amazing, or what!?!?!!! Father is so good. I am so blessed at how well Cale is doing. Even so, this is JUST THE BEGINNING of the breakthrough. I love you guys and continue to trust Father for you both. Marion

  4. Um, YES. That totally happens to me too. I can't not read them!

    By the way - YAY CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jane: Heehee! Thanks! Yes, it's really exciting to think about what His plans are! I have NO idea!
    Vicky: Yes! Cale is doing awesome! Lately I've been so blown away I feel like all I need is an umbrella and I'd be Mary Poppins!
    Marion: Yes Marion, just the beginning...
    Maegan: :) We are so much alike!

  6. Maybe this will help??

  7. I just found you on blogfrog, so I don't know the back story yet, but I am going to find out.

    Know that you have another prayer partner in this journey, here in Maine.
    God is so good.


  8. Thanks for the website! I'll have to look it up!
    Meredith: Thanks for joining the journey and for praying! :)

  9. It's wonderful to hear about Cale's progress and those very special moments that mean so much to you both! Keeping you both always in my prayers,
    Chaplain Brady


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