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Thursday, August 4, 2011

hum de dum...

Well…not much has been happening around here! It’s been pretty chill the last two days. Of course, the schedule being lighter meant that I was filling it up with projects…I know, I know. I can’t help myself!

Yesterday I was able to spend some lovely time with Mama. We went thrifting and found a super good deal (like crazy good deal!) on an outside set for the deck. I happen to think it looks quite nice! :)

While we were out and about Cale went with his therapist to the park and did some walking and had lunch out. She said it was a great session!

So, I have this terrible…um…habit? It’s more like…not sure. I always spill things. The other day I had juice ALL over the counter. When I finished cleaning up my mess, I spilled my glass of juice all over the other counter! This morning I knocked a whole glass of water all over the floor. This kind of thing happens-too often. I was watching Mama yesterday and had to laugh because I get it from her! It’s in the blood! Haha!

This morning Cale had a doctor’s appointment to retest levels of one of his medications. While we were in the waiting room, he informed me that he hates hospitals and never wants to see them again. I can’t imagine why… !

Tonight was PT in the pool again. He didn’t have as great of a session because he was so tired, but he still worked pretty hard. About 30 minutes before the session he said he was really tired, but it was too late to lie down. I’ve also been enjoying the pool!

Cale is still very confused about where home is and that he doesn’t live at home with his mom anymore. I’ve been praying hardcore and I ask that you would join me specifically for his awareness. I know I ask for all of you to pray for a lot, and I’m so thankful that I know that I can ask and there are some of you covering us in prayer-thank you!

Read this during my quiet time this morning. I loved and welcomed the reminder that God never gets tired or weary of hearing me call out to Him for help. He is always there, always ready with arms wide open. He is faithful to meet me right where I’m at, rather than me having to get to a certain point before I can run to Him…

When you feel yourself sinking in the sea of circumstances, say “Help me, Jesus!” and I will draw you back to Me. If you have to say that thousands of times daily, don’t be discouraged. I know your weakness, and I meet you in that very place. –Jesus (from Jesus Calling)

Thank you for still following along on our day to day adventures AND for praying us through this life!


  1. Sweet Jesus, I know Cale's wanting to go home, and Christians home in Heaven are two different things. My heart hurts, tough, for both misconceptions. You are God. You have given us the desire for our home in Heaven, yet we understand it so little. Cale, at this point, understands his home with Kathleen so little. You are GOD, and want both homes to be understood. Katleen hurts, because Cale is confused about their home together. I am asking, first, that You give Kathleen a hug from the inside out, and remind her when she's down about this, THAT YOU ARE FIXING CALE'S UNDERSTANDING OF HIS EARTHLY HOME this very second. The healing just isn't there yet. Thank You for being who You are. I love You. AMEN and AMEN!! (Marion)

  2. I love Marion's comment. I will be praying more for an increase in Cale's understanding. Still, Kathleen... somewhere inside, he knows that home is with YOU, wherever that is. He'd be terribly, terribly lost without you. Even at his mom's house. :) I will pray!

  3. Marion: Thank you for the prayer! I love how you wrote about how we are also so often confused that this is our home, and forget that heaven IS our home...
    Maegan: Thank you for praying! Yes, even last night he told his mom that he wanted to go home and when she asked where he said, "Kathleen's house" Well, that's better! Then he also said that she lived here and not at the house (her house) we were at...It's getting there!


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