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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I’m tired tonight and have to get up really early in the morning for a busy day tomorrow, so tonight is going to be a quick recap of the last couple days…

Yesterday Cale had Speech at 9:30am which is an early day for him. Getting up and ready by that time is challenging stuff, but he was a good sport and was able to get up and be ready on time. While he worked hard on word stuff, I went next door to the neighbors and worked hard doing Pilates! I think by the time we were done, we were both ready for a nap, but not so! We had errands to run and ended up being busy for most of the day.

OT came and took Cale for another errand to the store. When they came back, Teresa said Cale did great! It was extra exciting because our day was so packed full and I knew Cale was tired, but he was still able to have a good session! He’s working so hard!

When he came back from the store he handed me these (so sweet!)…

Today was another busy day and again Speech started at 9:30am. He woke up because of Basil so I wasn’t the bad guy this time! Haha! He was in a good mood and had a great session once again with Doreen. Rachel was back in town today so I was able to see her quickly before Cale was done with speech and we were on the go again! We had a few more things to get done before our trip this weekend.

We took advantage of a few minutes that we had in between errands and his next therapy and had fun with some of the things from his party…

It wasn’t all hard work…therapy today was us and Jamie getting Pedi’s!! :) Yes, Cale was included in this little spa treatment! Heehee! He actually enjoyed it a little and laughed when his foot was tickled by the lady scrubbing. I can’t say that he’ll ever do it again though…

After I was done I went to the little thing they have you stick your feet in to dry. Cale had stayed in his chair even though he was done, but once Jamie was done, Cale needed to get up. There’s a big step coming off the part where our spa chairs were so I went right over to help him down. All the workers kept saying to watch the step and finally to one of them I replied that we were ok and I knew it was there…right after I was speaking we flew…kind of like we were slipping on a bar of soap and even though it was happening really quickly, it also felt very slow motion. I pictured us wiping out the manicure table across from us causing all the tools and polish to go crashing to the floor right before us. Thankfully before the dramatic fall, I was able to steady us and just cause gasps to fill the room. Yikes.

I almost killed us, but at least we had pretty feet!

Right after walking in the door from being with Jamie, we had to turn around immediately and head to the church for Drum with Sonny. Cale was just about done with the world at this point, but he still let me lead him to the church and attempt a session. He has been saying a lot that he wants to do guitar, which he does have one, but it’s still in NY. He’s just not loving the drums, but I do feel like he really didn’t enjoy it today because of how tired he was. We’re going to keep at it for now, and eventually bring the guitar into the mix!

His mom was at home waiting for us when we walked back from the church. She was able to visit and hang out with Cale while I mowed the lawn.

This is how I found Cale and Basil once our day was coming to an end and it was about bed time…of course, for them it was already bed time! ;)

I'm going to try to post tomorrow night, but if I'm not able to, the next post will be from San Diego!! For those of you that don't know, Cale was accepted to an adaptive sports clinic for a week! I'm really excited about the trip, BUT slightly nervous as endurance and fatigue are two key frustrations for him right now. If you think about it in the next week, please be praying for us!


  1. I will trust Father's strength for each of you on your trip. Cale was pretty brave. I would NEVER get my Dave in to have a pedicure. :) I love you, Marion

  2. Have fun in San Diego!!! Hope you get a chance to sit on the beach!!! Miss you! Tell Cale I said good luck!

  3. Just a thought: maybe a radio alarm clock set to gentle music could start the waking up process before you go in, so that he has time to gradually wake up, and so that you aren't always the "bad guy". You may have already tried something like this.

    I hope you have a great trip!!


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