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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More love every day.

It has been not just a great day, but a super great day!

This morning when I got up, one of the first things on the list was working out with the airline getting Cale to each gate on our flight this weekend. When I signed it to Delta, I read something about preparing for our trip in 4 days…gulp! I haven’t even started to think about packing! With being so focused on Cale’s birthday party, everything else just kind of slipped my mind! I also have something else filling my thoughts lately…but that’s a subject for another day!

When I woke Cale up, at first he was wanting to be grumpy because he wasn’t done sleeping, but finally he rolled out of bed and it must have been the right side because the rest of the day has been great! Woot woot!

When his OT arrived, I left to meet someone very special for coffee. One of the many ways I have been over the top blessed since Cale’s injury has been the people that I’ve met along the way. I can’t even count how many times I have sat and been blown away with someone that has been praying for us. I have met so many incredible people and afterwards I think to myself, “They are praying for us?” It’s been such a humbling kind of blessing!

I had a chance to visit and share my heart today with one of those very special people. As we talked and she shared stories with me, I started to think about how great of a person she is and how I can’t believe that she has been praying for us! Out of all the people in the world, this sweet treasure prays for us!

I was totally blessed by the time spent with her and her adorable kiddo. :)

When I left the coffee shop, I had a couple quick errands to run before getting back to Cale. After OT his RS was coming so it gave me a good chunk of time to be away. While I was out, I sent the OT a text letting her know I was very curious about how driving went today. It made me crazy as I left the house knowing that I was going to miss a session with him driving! Her reply, “fantastic!” Oh man! That is exactly the response I was hoping for! I found out that he went to the park and drove-not just in the parking lot, but along the road in the park!!!!!!!!! It’s not a busy road in the slightest and the speed limit is 25, but that doesn’t matter…it was a road!!!!! She said he needs to practice staying between the lines, but other than that he did great! Haha! She said he went for 10 miles. When I read it I just happened to be in Big 5 and couldn’t hold back the little scream that slipped out! Can you believe it?! Ahhhhh!!!!!! She said on the way home he was so happy and he was still that way when I came home to him! He had such a big smile!


We had a super great afternoon together when his therapy was over. It was fun hanging out with him and finding little ways to be silly and playful with each other. Love it!

I’m not sure if you remember back in July when we took our trip to California, Cale had played with my nephews PSP quite a bit. Well, for his birthday we decided that would be the gift we would try to get him. Someone blessed him with getting the system and at his party we made up a basket for his PSP fund if anyone wanted to give towards that. Yesterday we went to Gamestop and picked out 2 games to try. I was nervous because these kinds of things haven’t gone so well so far, but since he had already played Camerons I was hoping for the best. Not to mention it could be a life saver on our flight this weekend!

Earlier he messed around with it and then set it down. When I asked if he was done with it, he said he was taking a break. A little while later he picked it up and started playing again. After some time went by, the same thing happened, he set it down. On and off through the evening, he has had control over his limitations….this is HUGE!!!!! We have been working at this and when we first came home from Seattle in June, this was nonexistent!! It’s a miracle that he’s at a point to even do it with games!!!

Very cool!

Tonight I was saying thank you to Cale for working so hard in his therapy. He asked why and so I talked to him about how when he’s working so hard in therapy and to get better, that’s one way he shows me how much he loves me. After that he said, “I want a lot more therapy.” This sounded like it was from someone who took over his body, “why?” I asked slightly confused. His answer was perfect, “because I love you so much.” Even though that thought will be completely gone during his early speech session tomorrow, for tonight it was absolutely perfect.

I love my husband. I’m crazy about him! There are moments when we’re together that he still takes my breath away! He melts my heart and I can’t kiss him enough. I’m not trying to be sappy and make everything seem like a romance novel; we have surely had to climb over some massive rocks and plunge into some deep waters and it definitely hasn’t all been a field of wild flowers, but even with all the extra “stuff” I just can’t help but love him more.

Sometimes I sit and really chew on every detail of our life and really look at where we are right now and how our life has turned out (so far!), and somehow (totally the Lord!) all the bad, hard, difficult, heavy, parts of it all fade away when I focus on-us.

I have always (always!) loved pictures of Cale looking at me, even while we were still dating. Creepy…not sure, but in every picture of him looking at me, I have always seen a pure honest passionate love. I always love those pictures because they capture the same look I get every time I look in his eyes.

I constantly tell him how blessed I am.

Not every girl in this world finds a man to love them like he loves me. Want to know what’s even more beautiful than that? A severe brain injury couldn’t touch it. Even when Cale was functioning like a 2 year old; mentally and physically, the love and bond that was created when we were joined together as husband and wife which is spiritual even more than physical could not be broken, damaged, destroyed, or forgotten.

When he looks at me; when our eyes meet, there is an unexplainable, undeniable, uncommon kind of love between us.

It’s just…so…out of this world. Literally.

I’m so thankful for him and that not only do I still have him alive and with me, I also have his love.

For you see, each day I love you more; today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. ~Rosemonde Gerard


  1. You are truely blessed!!

    Casey Q

  2. AMEN and AMEN!! Words well spoken. Thank you. I love you and enjoy continuing to trust Father for you and your sweet husband. Marion

  3. Hannah Hayner9/14/11, 3:22 PM



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