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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Lady Bug, a Bee, & a Whoopie Cusion.

There was...
Candy, LOTS of candy.
Second batch of apple sauce and canning.
Kiddos coming to the door.
Smiles from Cale.
Candy...did I say this one yet?! So much candy in my tummy!
Crazy 8's.
Visiting neighbors.
Giving and getting candy (tons of candy!).
Seeing costumes.
Seeing Mama dressed up (this came from Cale! Hehe!).
...and a tickle war.


  1. you guys look aodrable and cale very orgional coustume love it. im so happy things are going well there is this song that reminds me of you two a lot(even know i havent met you cale i remember in europe kathleen talking about you all the time and missing you so much)
    thats the site im sure you have heard it its strong enough by matthew west. espically the opening verse! love you guys
    from shawna fisk

  2. UH, Kathleen...I don't think you mentioned CANDY!! :) I love you and am so glad to be a part of your life. It will be WAY COOL to be on the other side and see why Father has given you the walk He's given you, to see why He's given the walk He's given me. YOu are in my heart, Marion

  3. Just finished reading your blog from start to finish (It took a week!). What an amazing love story between a boy and his girl and also a girl and her God. I feel blessed to be able to pray for you. Kathleen, you are such an encouragement and Cale, you make me smile! Thank you for sharing your life.



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