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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NY bound!

Cale’s prayer last night…

“Dear God, I pray for our marriage. It’s going good so far, yes. It’s wonderful, yes. I love you. I love Kathleen too. But I love you more.”

His words are so sweet and honest. Just the way they should be :)

Tomorrow is the big day! We head to NY for a week and will get to visit Ft. Drum and our church family. I’m super excited and so is Cale! This is going to be the first trip we take together that is all fun. No therapy (of course, just about everything we do is some kind of therapy!) and no hospitals! I’m not totally sure how the week is going to go and how much Cale is going to tolerate, but I’m praying its great!

I’m praying that miracles will happen and that memories are sparked! I’m also praying that Cale will be completely drenched with joy! Because of the Holy Spirit alive within him, he has full access to living a joyful life, but I feel like there’s this fog that is keeping him from the joy that is his to claim and receive. Everyday life right now is so hard for him to enjoy…things are hard and confusing. He has trouble processing and understanding, but he still can be filled with joy and peace!

Hmm…I feel like I had more to write, but my brain has decided to shut down a bit early…it’s a good thing since I’ll be up at 3:30am!

Does anyone know why the pictures on the blog in the beginning don’t show up anymore? Is there a way to bring them back? I’m not sure at what point they stopped showing, but it’s been awhile!

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. –Psalm 143:10

Here are two pictures from Cale's birthday party! :)


  1. google is shutting down 'old' blogs and you will have to upgrade. i'm not sure how this works but you need to post your new adress to your readers, because they will not find you anymore. a lot of blogs i was reading are gone and i can't find them anymore. it starts that you can't comment, or write posts... it is not good, google forces you to have a google account otherwise you can't read your blog.


  2. I am so excited for you and Cale going to NY. It will be WONDERFUL because FAther has gone before you and prepared the way. I love you, Marion


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