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Monday, December 12, 2011

Laughter…Ahhh such good medicine.

As the day went on yesterday I started to feel better. I took my hair matted self to the shower. When I looked in the mirror right before walking into the bathroom, my pj pants that I had been wearing since Thursday were tucked into my Christmas socks (that I had also been wearing since Thursday!). I looked…um, quite beautiful in an odd sort of way. Cale was the one that had used the word “beautiful” I know it had to be somewhat sarcastic! Half of my hair was matted to my head and the other half was sticking straight up!

I decided I wasn’t going to waste another day in bed, so I tackled some Christmas gifts and did some cleaning. It was all light duty stuff because I didn’t want to break open my intense muscles until I knew my sickish body could handle it.

Joe and Beth stopped by for a visit (thankfully it was post shower) which we always love. It felt so short, but so good to see their faces! Life gets busy and going and it’s just not as easy getting to see everyone! Joe and Cale had a meaningful good bye…

After dinner was eaten and dishes were washed, Mama, Cale, and I heated some water and enjoyed some hot chocolate that Marion (thank you Marion!) had sent as a Christmas goodie package. The three of us cuddled on the couch (with big ol’ Basil) and watched It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s one of our favorites! Cale isn’t too impressed anymore, but I know he watched it with me before his injury so I’m not giving him much of a choice on such a great happy classic.

I found this video on Youtube! Such a great scene!

I’ve been working with Cale on following step by step instructions without having to be prompted or reminded at each step. He was getting bored of the movie and his nails were getting long, so I asked if he could get the clippers in the top drawer in the bathroom. He said yes and then left to the bathroom. A couple minutes went by and Mama asked if he had forgotten what he went in for. I wanted to give him another minute and then ran in to check on him. What I found made me laugh…hysterically.

He had taken all of my headbands out of one of the drawers and placed each one on his head. The clippers had been forgotten!

I repeat from an earlier post…it never gets boring around here! :)


  1. What FUN!! Cale's humor is great. I am glad you had time with your friends. I love you and continue to trust Father for all of you. Marion Your tree looks wonderful. We JUST got ours up last night.

  2. I love it! He looks... um, beautiful! :) I love reading the funny things you post about Cale, Brian and I laugh about them together. The 'you shut your mouth' comment about the chicken nuggets was particularly hilarious. I hope you feel 100% soon my friend. :)

  3. That is so cute! Made me laugh. Glad you are feeling better and pray you continue.
    Emily Jordan in Sanford, NC

  4. Thanks for the smiles! The headbands made me giggle ;)


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