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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The sick bug.

Ugg. I’ve gotten bit again. On Thursday I started to feel slightly off, but was pretty determined to NOT get sick. It’s been going around, circling all too close to me, but I didn’t want to have any part of it! Well, I woke up Friday morning and could hardly lift my head! I was able to sleep most of Friday and what did Cale do you ask? He played with his cards, Xbox, and rested with me. I felt so bad for him because at 4:30pm I realized he hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast! He doesn’t quite have the initiation yet to let me know he’s hungry or to get anything himself. Poor guy!

He had speech yesterday morning and once again I was determined that I was going to wake up and be all better…right? Nope. I kept resetting my alarm and then finally it was time that I had to get him up and ready. I left his speech therapist a note that I was in bed, made sure Cale was all good to go and right before she showed up, I disappeared! I wasn’t able to sleep as much yesterday but I did stay in bed. Even though most days I day dream about a day spent in bed, when these days actually come, I get VERY bored! Especially since I have Christmas gifts to finish making and organizing to get back to!

But here I lay…for another day. There was a Christmas party we missed last night that I had been looking forward to and church this morning, and a 5k this weekend that I’m going to have to miss since instead of running this weekend I’ve been snuggled under covers.

I will feel better today and tomorrow will be a new day! :) I asked Cale last night in a very pathetic voice if he could take my cold away and make me feel better. Without hesitation he said, “Yes. I will kick it, choke it, punch it, strangle it, shoot it, suffocate it and kill it.” Well done my warrior! ;) I laughed really hard and then wondered how he was going to do all those things to my cold without doing them to me! Haha!

I’ve been watching Christmas movies on TV and by the amount of commercials there are for cold medicine, you can tell it’s that season!

What's your favorite Christmas movie? I have a ton of favs!


  1. Like you, I have lots of favorites. Two are from Precious Moments..."Timmy's Gift and Timmy's Special Delivery". I have a new appreciation of "It's A wonderful Life". I just read a book "Rooms" by James Rubart. The jist of it is Micah is shown how his life would play out folowing "his choice" or "Father's choice". I think in pictures, so it helped me truly desire to choose Father's way, NOT my own. Yes, a little different from "It's a Wonderful Life" in that Jimmy Stuart's character was shown what life would be like if he'd never been born. Both the book and the movie leave me with the desire to live my life for God and not myself. I am sorry you are sick, and trust Father you feel better soon...make that ARE BETTER soon. I love you, Marion

  2. Hannah Hayner12/11/11, 8:04 PM

    i have lots of favorites too. :) the tops ones are probably "miracle on 34th street," "it's a wonderful life," and "white Christmas," because those are the ones i always watched with my family growing up. :)

    by the way, i loooove what Caleb said he would do to destroy your cold, and your "well done my Warrior" response. so sweet! i love that he wants to attack it; what a manly man! hehe!

  3. I would have to say the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch and the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol are probably my favorites. I'm thinking there's another one out there (a funny one) that I'm forgetting, but I can't remember what it is right now. It's not Elf. I haven't actually seen that yet, but we're planning on watching it this week. :) Love you!! Bonnie Bennett


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