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Thursday, February 2, 2012

a cruisin' we will go!

We’ve been busy beavers around here.

Some good stuff is happening and one of them happens soooooooon! I don’t know if you remember reading or not, but back in May we booked a cruise with Mama and her best friend. It was a crazy impulsive purchase, and we are SO excited! To be honest, I’ve had (for quite some time) a hesitation about going. Not regret…but, I questioned if I should have been that bold. My reasoning comes from all the trips we’ve been taking since then and knowing how Cale reacts and does. Even though he used to love to travel and we had made so many plans of it before, he’s now a home body. The itching to travel is still full force in me and I think it’s good for him in doses. Well, a cruise there’s no turning back. You’re on the ship and that is what is until your back on land.

We had gone on a cruise in 2007 after Cale returned from his first deployment. The memories of what it was like and the enormous amount of fun we had…and the realization of how different this time is going to be nags at me, BUT, this is our life now and I don’t want to hold back or “wait” to be us, be married, and enjoy our life. I know many of you have talked with me in person about this very topic as I’ve shared my heart about other areas in our life. We can’t put everything on hold because Cale has brain injury. It’s not fair to him or to us. I don’t want him to just exist and get through every day. I want him to live through each day and even though he may not remember the next day, I want to continue to create many more amazing memories that I can one day share with him again. We’re married now. No pause button. The picture looks a wee bit differently than maybe the “typical” (what is typical anyhow?) couple, but this is us, this is the Darling’s. Our love for each other is much too strong and blessed to wait out a change that will be with us for the rest of our lives in one way or another. So, we’re going to cruise and I’m praying we have an absolutely amazingly wonderful time and that we come back refreshed and ready for the next season the Lord has in store for us!

…and I got side tracked. Oops.

So, anyhow I have been feeling more at peace and just plain ol’ excited about going. We are so blessed that we were able to pay for a trip so extravagant and be able to experience this together. This is the first time that Cale has been able to remember that we’re going somewhere. Consistently when asked he’s able to tell you AND yesterday when he woke up, the first thing he asked was what day we were leaving for the cruise! Ahhh! He asked! It’s always me reminding and bringing things up-but that was HIM! ALL him! He hasn’t once said anything about wanting to stay home and not go and even started to help me pack a little! :o) The healing is happening every day.

We have our moments of excitement of whatever it was that Cale said that leaves me jumping up and down and squealing and then we have moments like we did Saturday night that leave me giggling to myself…

For a while now, Sunday mornings have been hard for us. For some reason they are the mornings that take all of my energy because Cale is miserable. Perfect time for the enemy to attack huh? Right before going to church. Classic. After trying to figure out what was so different, I came to the conclusion it’s the shower. Cale hates showers now and it’s always a fight to get him to take one (he doesn’t like a bath either!). I’m still not sure what makes Sundays worse than during the week, but for whatever reason it does. This last Saturday we weren’t able to get him showered so when Saturday night came and I knew we needed to work it out, I tried to offer for us to take one before bed instead of in the morning when we got up for church. This conversation led to this…

Cale became a dog. He said that dogs don’t have to get in the shower and then grabbed the sink and worked his way to the floor. In a steady voice while holding back any laughter, I let him know that dogs don’t get to eat chicken nuggets or drink Mt. Dew and they don’t get to play Xbox or sleep in the bed, he would NOT give in! He laid on the bathroom floor for 15 minutes and then found his way to Basil’s bed…

And then tried to find his way to our bed by lying at my feet…

It was over an hour before he finally agreed to be human. During that time when I tried to talk with him, his reply would always be, “woof woof.” What was so great about the whole thing was that he held on to that and was so stubborn. Normally if he gets upset or says something, by the time 10 minutes rolls around, he’s already long forgotten whatever it was. Not this time!

Oh yes. That’s just a glimpse into our moments around here!

Another thing happening around here…

Do you remember me talking about the program that was started with Cale working at the church? That didn’t go over so well, but we’re now starting from a different direction. Chris a guy that we know will be working with Cale for about 12 hours a week and basically being his friend! Can you believe it?! Answer to prayer! He’s a GUY and he’s going to do GUY stuff with Cale! The first day was yesterday and part of their time consisted of…well, guy stuff…

Haha! Gotta love those video games. Not only is Chris a great guy, but he also loves the Lord which is a HUGE bonus. Another way the Lord is providing above and beyond. Constantly.

For all of you in the area, mark your calendars!!!!! The 5k run will be on April 21st! More details to come…but for now, take a big fat marker and circle that day! :o)

Also, this will probably be the last post I get done before we leave. When we’re back, I’ll have a little surprise for ya!


  1. What did Basil think of his new doggy friend!?!?!! I am so excited for you and Cale going on the cruise. I KNOW Father has some wonderous thing instore for you. I love you, Marion

  2. Great post. So excited for all that is going on in your lives. God is working:)


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