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Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Gift...the best.

This morning when my alarm went off, I was squeezed between Basil and Cale. I shifted and moved trying to wiggle my way out without waking the sleeping man, but right as my feet were hitting the floor, Cale grabbed my arm and said in his sleepy voice, “what day is it?” k: “I don’t know. What day is it? C: “I don’t know. New Years?” k: “Well, what day was it yesterday? C: “New Year’s Eve? K: “Yesterday was New Year’s Day.” Cale answered back quickly, “Then today is your birthday. Happy Birthday!”

He had been mixed up on what day, but he knew it was a special day! He said Happy Birthday before me telling him! Even on Christmas or any other holiday since the accident I’ve had to tell him what day it was…this was so exciting and the perfect birthday gift! It totally made my day.

The rest of the day was all normal stuff. I did get to go to coffee with Sage a friend that I haven’t talked with in way too long. It was a sweet time and brought back more good memories! My husband telling me happy birthday on his own…that was amazing and I’m not sure much more could have topped that!

25 Things Kathleen

1) I love the Lord.
2) I don’t really have favorites. I change my mind constantly on things I like. I have things that I really like, but have me choose a favorite…impossible!
3) I absolutely love music.
4) I want to become a better hostess. I always think of things I should have done once our company leaves…
5) If you didn’t already know, I am madly in love with my husband and always will be-always!
6) I want a baby.
7) Chocolate is super yummy.
8) I’m an open book. Spend just a little time with me and you’ll most likely get more info then you wanted. ;o)
9) I enjoy eating.
10) I’m fascinated with sunsets.
11) I love traveling, but I also love coming home just as much.
12) I burp.
13) I like to pretend I’m on TV while I cook.
14) Pretty things make me happy.
15) Getting mail (not bills!) makes me smile.
16) I love summer more than winter, but I like winters clothes more.
17) Laughing with my husband is one of the best things in the world.
18) I can’t really sing on tune or great at all, but I love singing!
19) I love things homemade.
20) Simple things are some of the most treasured.
21) I could eat a slice of pie every day.
22) I was born in Washington.
23) I’ve learned that some friends are just surface friends…the keepers are the ones that are willing to go deep and stay.
24) I was crazy and married when I was 18 and haven’t regretted it for a second.
25) I am SO blessed and am so thankful for ALL of you!

(I was going to do this on Cale’s birthday but being in San Diego and the crazy day it was, I didn’t get the chance!)

Cale played Monopoly in therapy today. His therapist said he needed help, but he was the banker! He was able to play for 90 minutes before shutting down! That’s another huge step! We used to have a running Monopoly game going through the weekends at Drum…good memories and I believe another running game will be happening soon!

Thank you for all of the calls, emails, texts, Facebook comments and cards! You all made my day special!


  1. MY, OH, MY!! That is so huge, Cale telling you Happy Birthday, without being told. I am SOOOO happy for you. To me that would be the BEST GIFT as well. I love you and am grateful for the gift of YOU in my life. Father danced the day you were born. He sure was proud, telling everyone, "See, she turned JUST as I had planned". He still thinks you are pretty special. Hugs, Marion I love your list.

  2. Aww that is such an amazing birthday present. And I am so with you on number 4! I dream of being a Martha Stewart type hostess but I always have these great ideas afterwards. Oops.

  3. A well deserved birthday gift for sure!!

    Casey Q

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...a day late!! I am so happy that you had a wonderful birthday! That is so special...just like you!!
    Emily Jordan

  5. OH!! By the mentioned getting married at 18 and not regretting it!! :o) Yay for you both! I got married at 19 (although some thought I would regret it) and just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary on December 21st!! I have loved being married! Young love...with the Lord in the center...can last a lifetime!! (It is not always easy but most good things in life are hard work!!)
    Emily Jordan

  6. You are AWESOME. That's all!!! I love you !!! So blessed to call you friend...And you amaze , befuddle and completely awe me...Thanks for being all 25 and more of you...Happy Birthday darling!

  7. Your story is so inspirational, Kathleen. My husband enjoys playing Monopoly on his iPad when he's vegging out. We always take for granted the things we can do without much effort. Cale and my hubby are playing the same game but under very different circumstances. Hoping for a year of recovery for Cale.

  8. I like the way you write. Awesome, keep it up.

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