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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some of our days...

This picture just makes me happy! :)

On Tuesday Cale helped his therapist to set up a weight bench that had been given to us. It was delivered in a big intimidating box, so I haven't worked up the guts to try myself. It took them less than 15 minutes! He used some weights and as you can see...we happen to love the Wing's!

I've been working on some crafty things again. I had to replace the Christmas stuff that was outside! Soon I'll have my spring flowers back out front! :) For now, it's a wee bit wintery. Of course, the weather here has felt like spring on a few days!

These things in my head seemed like they were going to be easy.

That was in my head! Haha! I had gotten my idea from this picture on Pinterest...

I didn't want to use Christmas trees, but wanted something to last until Spring. I still love the idea in the picture, so maybe next year. Anyways, it all started with Kathy and I looking for sticks in a big pile behind her house. Many of them had thorns and we were poked! Then came the actual sorting and painting...more pokes and laughs with Mama this time. I think I like how it turned out and the excitement and thrilling experience that came with it makes it even better! :)

Cale went to the Dentist on Wednesday. He proclaimed many times during his appointment that he hates the dentist! Dr. L gave him a break for a couple minutes and then we got him finished up! My appointment is tomorrow...yuck.

Over the last couple days I have been feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and the transition between active duty and VA. There are so many documents...calls...questions. It seems like there are so many things left that are still up in the air and the time is closing in on us. I was on the phone this morning for 2.5 hours trying to get some of it worked out. Whew. Mama also helped me finish up organizing my stacks of paper today which helped ease my frazzled mind. Nice.

It was an emotional day at points, but how can you not smile when it ends like this...


  1. Sweet Kathleen, I love you and am so proud of you. Thank you for making the perfect ending to my day. Marion

  2. Sweet Kathleen, I love you and am so proud of you. Thank you for making the perfect ending to my day. Marion

  3. The last photo was so cute and made me smile too!! Who could not love dogs??!! :o) Praying for you both!
    Emily Jordan

  4. Happy New Year Kathleen and Cale!

    Marian "M" from 7D Palo Alto

  5. I love the pictures, especially of Cale on the weight bench and the 'guys' in bed. Also, I LOVE how the sticks in jars turned out. Though you would think that would be easier. Here's to projects in the new year! I haven't been very good with commenting here but you are OFTEN on my mind and in my prayers. I love it when you post!


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