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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A wedding...birthday...and house!

Before I can say anything else, I first need to say thank you. After I typed up the post last night and hit publish, I instantly felt better! I knew that sharing my heart with you meant that today as you read, you would be praying and battling right along with us. There is no way to express to you how much I need that in my life. I can’t even imagine walking out this journey without you joining me. Just the thought makes me want to start searching Google for Anti-Depressants. You’re a blessing.

This last weekend we went to a wedding on the western side of WA. It was beautiful!!! The Father of the bride was my youth pastor for a while before he left for seminary years ago. He honestly made a world of a difference in my life. I very much respect and look up to him! His wife is amazing and goodnessI just love her. Their daughter was the beautiful bride over the weekend, and it was so special to share her wedding day with all of them!

These three girls were my flower girls 7 years ago! They were just itty bitty! They haven’t all 3 been together since!

Waiting for the ceremony to startCale’s talking watch went off about 15 minutes after it started! Oops!

Introducing the Mr. & Mrs..

The location was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m a fan of the charming Port Gamble.
Our niece came along on our little trip. I loved getting to spend time with her! She thought the bride was like a celebrity and so pretty! She made her a little gift out of the favor bags and flowers she picked outside and then wanted her picture with her. So cute!

My good lookin’ date J

The ladies

Cale did the dollar dance with the bride. Before he went to her, I told him he could twirl her like he twirls me at home, but he wouldn’t do it. Twirling is only for his girl! It was so incredibly lovely watching them dance. I’m grateful he didn’t lose his balance. Thankfully they didn’t move too much!

On our way home we stopped at a produce/antique stand. It was full of goodies and while the ladies were checking things out, Cale found a treasure as well! Getting him low enough to sit on it wasn’t nearly as bad as trying to get him up. He loved it thoughSilly boy!

There has been a CHANGE for the Darling Project! We received Cale’s VA letter a couple weeks ago and that started the process of rethinking our plan. We’ve been unsure of what finances were going to look like, but things are settling and we now have a better picture. We are blessed. We’re now house hunting with the idea to use the Darling Project to help fix up the house for Cale’s needs or in other areas if needed. All last week I was on phone calls with a financial advisor and between yesterday and today we’ve been around town on the hunt. We actually were able to find a house today that has everything on our list of needs and wants!! There was one thing missing, but it’s on the want list and is made up for from another area. The only thing as of yet that we can see we’ll need to change is the flooring. Cale gets tripped up on carpet easily, and to give him the ability to be as independent as possible, we’re going to need to rip out the carpet and put in different flooring. We’ll see how it all plays out though! I’ll keep you updated!!! Please be praying for wisdom! So far it’s just been Mama going with me. We’ll be showing Cale in the next couple days to make sure he’s a fan J

Today is our good friend Zita’s birthday. We love her. Her family just moved to a new house and tonight Mama, Cale, and I joined them for a yummy dinner to celebrate Zita and see their gorgeous new home!
Today has been different. Overall it was a great day. It wasn’t absent of any mood swings from Cale, but I was encouraged by you all throughout the day. I love each and every message/email/text/comment/call that you send my way. Finding a house I’m crazy aboutyeah, that helped a little! J

No matter how many ups and downs we havehe always makes my heart smile.


  1. Hannah Hayner5/29/12, 10:58 PM

    yayyyyy i just love that you found a house that you like enough to be a possibility!!! how exciting! :) and i love that he only spins you when dancing! so sweet :)

  2. Exciting things happening.....


  3. My Sweet Girl,....or is Cale the only one who calls you that?!?!?!! Father is good. I am so excited for you. The right house is so wonderful. My daughter and her husband have had a few interesting "prospects". They, too, may have found the "right" house. Kathleen, I think Father is changing you rather than the situation with Cale. Oh, that is changing as well, BUT He is more interested in perfecting you. Maybe I already gave you James chapter 1:1-12 BUT it bears reading and least for me. I am amazed at what Father has brought out in you. I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey. Marion

  4. YAY! Glad you found a house. I will pray that everything works out as God would have it to. Keep your chin up. Love ya :)

    Mandy Anderson

  5. With God....all things are possible.

  6. God is awesome to always meet our needs; and I believe He will continue to supply everything that you and Cale need! The picture of Cale on the trike is ADORABLE! Maybe it reminds him of the first bikes he used to ride while in California?!?! as for the house, we will pray for all your needs to be met there, as well. Glad everything is smoother and that it continues on that trend...

  7. Very, very happy for you both. God bless you. Love Carole W


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