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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

15 randoms.

I have just a few random thoughts for you...and a few pictures (as always!) to share...

1. To start it off because it happened this morning, Nora started preschool. I feel like we were just celebrating her last day of her 2's class in May. Yikes. Time. Time. Time. It passes by way too quickly. Excited for her and this new year! E and I met Mimi at the coffee shop for a date while we waited to pick up sissy!

2. Ok, I know it's not wise to get a puppy when you have a baby-especially a baby who thinks sleeping at night is a joke but I'm in a war every day because I feel like the time I spend wiping down Nora and Easton, the table, the chairs and the floor-yikes. Having a dog would give me the gift of time. Right?! 

3. You know the stories on Instagram and Facebook? Yeah, I don't get them. I don't get the point. Some of them are just pictures. So why not just post a picture? And then the videos...why not post a video? I just don't get it. Cale agrees. We've had deep and lengthy conversations about how we aren't cool enough to understand them. 

4. I love going on walks with this guy and our kiddos. 

5. Mama is home! We picked her up from the airport late this afternoon. We are thankful, oh so very thankful to have her hooooome! 

6. June 3rd I was running in a half marathon and fell. I was running down a rocky hill and my foot hit a rock in just the right way. My knee popped and down I went. It was awful. My knee swelled up quickly and although I kept trying to start running again, I couldn't. I was about 5.5 miles in and at that point it had been going so well. I was on track to PR which wasn't even planned. Anyways, I realize it's just a race and there are a lot of other things in the world that matter a whole lot more but I felt defeated. I had trained and trained and it was gone. Well, after a summer break and some healing, I've registered for another half in November! 

7. I also don't understand math. I just don't. 

8. These snuggles with this boy. I don't ever ever want them to stop. He gives the best snuggles.

9. I don't get our culture right now. I could go on and on but I won't.

10. We also were slightly confused with the eclipse. I honestly didn't know that much about what was going on. I mean, I did and didn't. The kids were napping so Cale and I had our weekly date to watch it. I brought out a picnic blanket and a  nice plate of food. We put on our cool glasses and watched. I think we both kind of expected something dramatic. I know some of you witnessed a really amazing thing happen-and it was pretty cool. But I am so thankful no one was filming us while we were trying to figure out if we had seen all that was to be seen or not. Ha. 

11. I am all for eating healthy but I'm just not sure we can be friends if you will only eat healthy and never ever have a treat with me. 

12. Nora starts soccer soon. She did dance last year and well, I definitely think mommy loved it more than Nora loved it. We may try again later but we're giving soccer a try. She is SO excited about it! We'll see how it actually goes when it starts but watching these guys play soccer last night, was so fascinating to her. 

13. Four. Four is good. And sweet. And exhausting. And wonderful. 
Four has grown me and strengthened me. Four has rounded my edges. Four has pointed me to Jesus. I love our little family of four. 

14. What is up with turning 30 and waking up with different pains and sore places? Could just be having second baby? Who knows. Either way, I feel my body getting older. Just a tiny bit...haha. 

15. Did you know some people do not believe in using soap? I heard a guy in an interview last week talking about how he never-NEVER uses soap. Not in the shower. Not after using the bathroom. Not on his dishes. Never. My brain can't get over this. 

What do you think? 
Do you like math?
Do you use soap?!?!?!


  1. I'll randomly answer those randoms....Nora's haircut makes her look so "big Girl." She sure looks happy.
    About the puppy...well, they actually do keep you up at night, and whine when they have to "go out." Salome, my daughter, has been fostering a mom and her pups. She'll be glad when the last dog is gone.....SAY, maybe you could foster a dog until it finds a permanent home and see how it goes.
    About the eclipse, you were too far out of range to see much. It wasn't you.
    I would have felt like crying if I fell and hurt myself after all that training. I am proud of you for training for another one in November. I will trust you do just fine.
    I eat too many GF and corn free treats....but, I do like treats. :)
    Nora's grin fits soccer...sort of. Her busy personality will do well with it, I am sure. How fun you were able to see Mimi while waiting for Nora.
    Honey, sorry to bust your bubble, but you ARE getting older. I remember when I was at the dentist and he told me I had receding gums. I was in shock and asked why. Dead-pan, he said, "You are getting older." '~' My son Timothy said the same thing. He told me when he hit thirty, it seem the aches and pains seem to start. Too, he found he couldn't stay up for all-nighters gaming like he used to. There goes that need for sleep...again. (puppies)
    I love figuring things out, (why the error was in the check book, again) making charts to understand the problem, that sort of thing. Not always good at it, but does that count for liking math?
    Not using soap...maybe he uses a sugar or salt scrub. Technically, that's not a soap.

    You are a delight. I feel Father's hand print all over you. He's proud of you.

    I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey,

  2. I am 40... I hurt... what will 80 feel like?
    I like math now... used to hate it.
    I love soap.
    The eclipse was boring here too. My dogs got up and went inside because they lost some sun.
    Your family is adorable. Puppies are messy have to be taken out a lot. They're fun though, so I have 4.
    I don't get our culture either :(

  3. I just ate some GF sour cream coffee cake I made...two small pieces.....YUP! I like treats, no worries there. '~' (question 11) :)


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