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Saturday, August 19, 2017

...all the children of the world.

Hey guys! 

Before I say anything else, I want to say thank you SO much for all of your sweet words the last couple of weeks. Many of you have reached out to let me know you're so excited that I'm posting again...and I'm thankful for each word! You've also let me know that you've been reading with coffee (or tea!) in hand :)

This week we've had some fun with friends visiting! My friend Hannah came down with her two boys. We had two full days together and I loved every single minute. 

Hannah and I use the app voxer and talk quite a bit with each other about all of our random life doings but for a little while now we've been planning for her to come visit, we just weren't sure exactly when it was going to happen. There were several topics that we both kept saying we'd wait to talk about it until we could sit together in person and visit-while all of the kiddos slept. Those moments are so wonderful. Like really super wonderful.

We went for a walk around one of the lakes here. Nora went over to this tree and asked me to take her picture with it. She said something about it being her friend... :)

This picture captures the walk well. We stopped for one of the kids every couple of minutes. Enjoyed it but whew. Haha. 

The last time Lincoln and Nora played, Nora was 9 months and Lincoln was about a year and a half when I flew with her to NY. They grow up SO quickly! 

Do you see the way Easton is looking at her?? Heart melter! 

These two were buddies :)

For Christmas this last year, instead of getting Nora a bunch of toys that I knew would just eventually be given away or sit unplayed with, we purchased membership to the Museum of Life and Science. It's this huge place with so much to do. It's something that I knew we could do often and as a family. She loves going and so do the rest of us :) We were able to take Hannah and the boys and had a blast! There's an area with mist and the kids just ran and ran and ended up soaked. I sat of a bench in that area to feed Easton and it was incredibly hot that day but there was a slight breeze that covered me with just enough mist to feel comfortable while watching all the kids run wild. :)

Before they left us, there was a pretty great dress up photo shoot. Haha. 

("Mommy! It looks like a real dinosaur egg! Can we keep it to show Grammy?")

I don't know if you guys remember me talking about Susan and Gordon. They are the couple who adopted us while Cale was inpatient at the hospital here in Cary. It was the second hospital he was in and the first time I was alone. I just don't even know how to put into words how special it is that all these years later, Nora now calls them Mimi and Papa and adores both of them. Can you even believe it? They met us when Cale was in a coma. Our relationship started when I was told some of the hardest news, yet now we get to bake Mimi a cake for her birthday. Just so so so sweet. 

When we were at the store I told Nora we needed to pick something out for Mimi. She very quickly let me know that she could do it all by herself. She picked out this brown dinosaur. I told her it was pretty cool but did she think Mimi was going to like it? She said, "Yeah, Mimi loves dinosaurs!!" She planned to paint it and picked out the stuff to decorate it including pink glittery glue. When it was all done she said "Mimi is going to love this!"

This is Owen, Mike and Rachel's sweet boy. Isn't he the cuuuuuutest?! I hate living so far from him. Ugh. Hurts my heart to think about it...


Time to end but I don't want to ignore all that is taking place in our country. It is hard stuff. Heartbreaking stuff. I don't understand. I struggle with even knowing what to say except, as a family, the Darling's do not in any way support the hate that is taking place. 

That may not be super deep and lengthy but I just don't know how to put words to it. 

I am praying that as I raise these two humans, that they would grow up learning to love God passionately and with their whole hearts and they would love people the same. I pray that they would see people as God sees them not as the world sees them, putting labels on people as if they can be purchased in a grocery store. I pray that no matter the color, race, disability, size or sex-my kids would love. I pray that their daddy & mommy would be their biggest examples. 

One of the first songs that I remember learning was:

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world
red and yellow, black and white 
they are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world.


  1. That little song has rung loudly in my brain over the last few years...

    Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  2. I hate all the hate going on!

    Thank you for the bonus picture of my handsome great nephew! Such a cutie.

    Nora's smile reminds me of my Jessie's smile as a little girl. Her bottom jaw was just like Noras.

    1. He is such a stud. I love him so much! I know you do too :)

  3. I remember Hannah from previous blog entries. I am blessed she got to be with you for a couple of days. It is so cool the oldest boy and Cale were buddies. My Dave and I get a zoo membership for our granddaughters every year. It, too, is well used. I love how Father gave you the gift of a breeze with the mist so you could feed your Easton, be cool, AND watch the children. It looked like a brave knight and dinosaur picture...anyway, I loved it. If my granddaughter picked out a dinosaur by herself and even decorated it I KNOW I would love it. I am sure Mimi will have it displayed in a special place. I remember her from previous blog entries as well. Again, I am blessed she is still a part of your life and gets to see you.

    The evils in this world are a sign of the times. Father said these very things would run rampant more and more as the coming of His Son Jesus gets closer. We need to remember to look at both sides of the news. Never before have there been so many bible studies in the White House, as far as I know, NEVER before has a president been to The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and treated to such honor as was given him. Our nation is ripe for a sweeping Holy Spirit Revival. Yes, we need to teach our children to love their enemies BUT hate their sin. That is Father's plan, anyway.

    I am blessed to be a part of your journey. Thank you.

    1. We have a zoo here and haven't been yet. Hopefully soon we can go. I know Nora would love it! And good job with that gift grandma and grandpa! It's the best kind!


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